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SeLite Hands-on GUI

Before installing, see the urgent note in its Details.

SeLite Hands-on GUI - Selenium IDE extension. It makes Selenium IDE GUI more practical. You can edit comments and targets and values of commands 'in place' (where they are listed).

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IPFS Gateway Redirect No Restart

This addon provides transparent access to IPFS resources via local HTTP2IPFS gateway.

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This is an extension to validate online HTML pages using W3C validation service.

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GitHub Latest Projects No Restart

Discover Up & Coming Projects on GitHub.Find popular GitHub projects that were created in the past few days (configurable).

Please Don't forget to Star our repo :)

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withExEditor No Restart

View Source, View Selection, and Edit Texts with the external editor.

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Search on Stackoverflow

Exclusive complement to search the selected word on Stackoverflow.

Any bug report here

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OpenOffice.org for Jacare Project

OpenOffice плагин для работы с документами в БД через WEBDAV

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Right Click - about:permissions No Restart

A lightweight addon which opens 'about:permissions' (i.e Permissions Manager) in new tab on selecting 'Open about:permissions' from right click menu.

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screen-capturing No Restart

Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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Disable System Alerts No Restart

Integration with system alert/notification services such as OS X Notification Center and libnotify
will be disabled while this extension is enabled.

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No More ASCII text inserter No Restart

Enables the easy addition of non ASCII data to web forms.

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Nangil On Page Website Analyzer

An exclusive tool of Nangil.com for best examining a Websites Onpage factors and SEO parameters in just seconds

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Add into context menu submenu with java-scripts

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HB Enable Screen No Restart

This firefox extension enables screen capturing support for mytesting.hellobyte.com.vn pages.

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DataScraper No Restart

Extension for FF and Chrome to extract data from web pages to csv.

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Hotmind No Restart

Browser extension for team-work and project management system.

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Change Profile's Window Icons To Burn

Changes the icon used for the profile's Firefox windows to the Onebit Burn icon from Icojam. This add-on can be used to visually differentiate profiles.

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25 users

VersionOneEnhancements No Restart

The extension that reduces your pain from using VersionOne and makes you happy.

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Perf Mark of Add-On Start and End No Restart

Using Performance Mark to monitor the Add-On Start and End.

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ClickLater No Restart

Don't click now.

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