Middle Click Tabbar

Disable/Enable middle click behaviour on tabbar and tabs

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Added December 4, 2014

Open Tabs Next to Current Plus (Discontinued)

Discontinued in favor of Open-Tabs-Next-To-Current since all the functionality this add-on was aimed for already implemented in the original add-on.

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Added December 2, 2014

Favicon Tabs

Move tabs to be vertical, and only the favicons. I prefer to use this with the add-on.

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Added December 1, 2014


Limits the number of open tabs by closing the least recently visited tab. The number of tabs to keep open is configurable in the addon preferences.

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Added November 23, 2014

open in background tab with long press

It opens links in the background when you hold the mouse button for a short time.

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Added November 18, 2014

Pimp my Campus Virtual!

Pimp my Campus Virtual!

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Added November 15, 2014


Quick, intuitive and attractive tab management extension for Firefox.

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Added November 15, 2014

Duplicate Tab (in Private mode as well)

How many times you have felt a need to open same webpage in new tab so that you can view two things of it simultaneously.
Copying and pasting the URL is very tedious here comes a plugin to your rescue. Just right click and tadda tab duplicated..

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Added November 15, 2014

ColorfulTabs Candy

Tab Candy makes your Firefox browser a thing of beauty and elegance, differentiating each open tab with a color which helps distinguish your browsing so you always know which tab you want to select.

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Added November 13, 2014

Auto Unload Tab Requires Restart

Auto unloads tabs.

***New Version***

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9,804 users
Added November 10, 2014

Minimalist UI Requires Restart

Redesigned UI. Location bar, bookmarks access, transitions & animations.

Extremely compact, yet fully-featured.

This experimental version is the initial release.

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Added November 9, 2014

Search By Middle Click Requires Restart


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Added November 1, 2014

Tab Data (+Memory usage)

Provides user with tab related stats and memory usage

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Added October 25, 2014

Jump to tab number

Appends tab numbers to the front of each tab. Use Alt + 1 to 9 to jump to Tab. ALT+9 always selects the last tab.

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Added October 19, 2014

Link Ninja Requires Restart

Link Ninja allows you to swiftly select multiple links by opening a selection rectangle with your mouse. Once your selection is complete a configurable action can be applied to the result. Targeting Rules can be specified to constraint the selection.

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Added October 14, 2014

Adform STT TTE

This is an Adform tracking testing extension, which helps to check what kind of tracking point is firing on the page

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Added October 12, 2014

Ganhador H2H

Aplicativo para mostrar avisos de sites que realizam repasses sobre vendas feitas através do Home2Home.

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Added October 8, 2014


A basic addon, that just reloads all open tabs on button press or hotkey.

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Added October 8, 2014


Add those missing functionalities to MozTrap ( ).

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Added October 7, 2014


当使用alt + ← (Win)或 command + [ (Mac) 来"后退"的的时候, 如果已经不能后退, 则关闭标签.

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Added October 5, 2014