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Menú UbuntuVE No Restart

Menú de navegación y acceso directo en Barra de Complementos de la comunidad oficial de Ubuntu en Venezuela. compatible con la versión 21.0 de Mozilla Firefox.
Desarrollado por bajo Licencia pública GNU, versión 3.0

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MEO Cloud

Interact with MEO Cloud, send, receive and attach files all without leaving the browser.

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MereCat Chat No Restart

Enjoy persistent private and public chats crosstab after registering an account.
Merecat Chat Registration
Alpha Version

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Meta Assassins Assassination Plugin

META Assassins browser plugin. Use this plugin to enable the full game experience and play over the web to hunt and be hunted.

Register an account before install.

We do not store your information. Your details are private and will never be shared.

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Easily read and post comments and ratings for any web page. No registration required.

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Metafetch No Restart

Collect and share content discovered across the web. Ideal for researching and organizing web content for research.

(Note: Metafetch is still in private production. Please request an invite before using this extension.)

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MetaPlode's Toolbar

Toolbar for Features include; Search, PM checker, Comment and many more!

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Mevoked Toolbar

Mevoked is a platform where users can react, share and discover content in an expressive and intuitive environment.

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Mibbit Browser extension for Firefox

Mibbit Browser Window that opens up in a separate window than Firefox to allow you to use the Mibbit IRC client while browsing.

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Add recipes to Mibori

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Micro sharing, highlight and share anything No Restart

One click to share highlighting text, image or page by 80+ social services (space for 1.8 billion people)

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Install for "one-click" MikeLike functionality. Simply click the MikeLike palm-tree button to "like" the current page. With MikeLike, you own the links that you share!

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Millennials to Snake People No Restart

Replaces the text 'Millennial' with 'Snake People'.

Learn the sad, sinister truth behind the mysterious Snake People. Who are they? What do they want?

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MimicMe is an online fitting room that enables you to fit and mix & match clothes, shoes and accessories online with their personal virtual model.

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MiMoDiE Live Notifier No Restart

Extension Mozilla de MiMoDiE.

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MindMap inspired bookmarking. Organize your bookmarks graphically, annotate, access from anywhere.

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Minggl is a social interaction manager. The Minggl toolbar makes it easy to manage information, communication, and navigation across (and independent of) social networks. Minggl adds a "relationship layer" across all your sites.

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mini SocialButton No Restart


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MiniblogImgPop - 微博浮图


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Minion by Ram

This is a new extension developed to help you add, copy, and paste finacle command lines

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