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GetBoo Requires Restart

Add a bookmark to your GetBoo account, and access it from a single click.

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Semantic Radar Requires Restart

Displays a status bar icon to indicate presence of Semantic Web (RDF) data in the web page. Click the icon to explore this information in more detail...

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454 users

Access Flickr! Requires Restart

Bypasses the filter in Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China and other banned countries and places...

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Heroes Requires Restart

This add-on is intended a Danish audience and a Danish site.
See bottom page to change AMO locale to Danish for proper descriptions.

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Scryve Requires Restart

Scryve is a collaborative web resource and browser tool combination that provides a resource for environmentally and socially aware Internet browsing

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Tweet Line Requires Restart

Display your friend's time line of Twitter on your browser tool bar.

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674 users

Socialbrowse Requires Restart

Socialbrowse lets you easily share and discuss the web and receive a real time broadcast of activity by people you like. Socialbrowse also shows you what's good on every page by embedding small icons next to links your friends have shared or commente...

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Spiceworks Toolbar Requires Restart

Spiceworks Toolbar integrates Firefox with Spiceworks, the free IT network management software & Community of 1.3 million IT Pros. The Spiceworks Toolbar alerts you to network and helpdesk activity, search, and access to the community of IT Pros.

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Site Search Requires Restart

Search the current site with one click. Adds an item in the right-click menu so you can select text and search the current site for it using Google. It also comes with an optional toolbar.

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408 users

TwitThat Requires Restart

Post current page to twitter via

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MySocial 24x7 Bar Requires Restart

MySocial 24x7 is a Firefox browser plugin that allows users to access the core functionality of FriendFeed from the browser sidebar.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (2)
1 user URL shortener Requires Restart

URL shortening via service, one of the shortest URL services available.
Shrink any long URL with a single click and use it in blogs, twitter or email. for Firefox is based on the service and uses SEO friendly redirects

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CryptFire - Encryption made easy Requires Restart

Encrypt and decrypt any selected text with a password using the secure AES algorithm. Decryption is easy, even for people without the Addon. Encrypt texts as short links, or hide messages in seemingly random text. Encrypted messaging made easy !

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Utop w Bagnie! Requires Restart

Only for Polish site Bagno. Don't use if you don't intent to register on!

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trails Requires Restart

A sidebar extension that enables the user to collect and edit text fragments and images from all over the web, and structures everything in a clean booklet layout.

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68 users Requires Restart

Simply shorten your urls and share them

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Olympic Medals Requires Restart

Adds Vancouver 2010 Olympic medal standings to your status bar. Select your country and medal count is updated and displayed in real-time in your status bar - stay on top of the game at all times!

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MKB Read Now! Requires Restart

Randomly fetches & displays recommended Arabic web pages using web services

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SMSBOX Toolbar Requires Restart

A toolbar to send your SMS all over the world.

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Navigator for Requires Restart

A navigator tools for! Renren is a Chinese social networking site. After install the add-on, you can find "blog", "photo", "share", "status" and "post" in the menu when you right click the name or the photo of a person.

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