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Big Emo For Facebook No Restart

an easy way to user big emoticons on facebook chat. this plugin will create a small panel beside your chat panel with list of all big emoticons. you can easily copy and paste the code on you chat box.

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Added March 21, 2012

rDiablo Release Countdown No Restart

A simple add-on to add a countdown until release date on the sidebar of /r/Diablo.
This is a port of my Chrome extension with identical functionality.

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Added March 18, 2012

Taringa! Filtrador de Categorias Ocultas

Permite poder filtrar las cateogorías ocultas tanto en el inicio como en los TOP Post.

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Added March 18, 2012

rDiablo Theme Selector No Restart

This mod allows users of /r/Diablo to seamlessly select which theme is displayed. It does not require you to load to browse in the Heaven theme.

This is the Firefox port of my Chrome extension.

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Added March 18, 2012

Proxy List

Get the fastest working proxies with a single click. The easiest way to find web proxies that suits you.

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Added March 17, 2012 present url button

The tool-bar button sends the address of the current web page to for adding it as a reference link to a present suggestion.

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Added March 16, 2012

GitHub Notifier No Restart

Displays your GitHub notifications unread count

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355 users
Added March 16, 2012

Proxy 1-Click

Surf with a web proxy in one click.

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168 users
Added March 16, 2012

Nos El-Kobaya

Nos El Kobaya is an online Radio that inspires students

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Added March 15, 2012

Save as EPUB

This extensions allows users to save a web page as an EPUB (ebook).

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Added March 14, 2012

Social Networking Links

Using the Social Networking Links Ad-don you will be able to access famous social networking sites login page from your browser menu

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Added March 14, 2012


test of my addon

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Added March 14, 2012

Google+ New Tab

Google+ New Tab lets you visit Google+ Sign in page quickly when a New Tab is opened. User has to manually sign in to the page to login to Google+ account. New features will be added shortly.

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Added March 12, 2012

AFP News Receiver

Get the news (headlines) of the AFP directly in your browser. With one click, see the news that interests you on the site of AFP ...

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Added March 9, 2012


En addon laget for
Denne addonen gjør at du kan laste opp bilder direkte til med et enkelt høyreklikk, fra hvor som helst på nettet.
Tjenesten og addonen er helt gratis!

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Added March 7, 2012

"Post on VK" Button

Provides easy way for VK users to rapidly share materials with friends.

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Added March 6, 2012

Google Plus Youtube Playlist

Google Plus Youtube Playlist brings an Youtube Playlist with Google Plus integration right into your Firefox.

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Added March 6, 2012

Fluid twitter layout

Update the the twitter layout with a fluid one by adding a stylesheet.
The layout will be 90% of the screen width, the left column 34% and the right one 65%.
Or you can use this stylish theme :

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155 users
Added March 6, 2012

Column Reader No Restart

Web reader for wide screens and long documents. Read with pleasure in one of many attractive layouts. NEW: Integrated image viewer with pan and zoom + Choice of replacement font. For Firefox 24.0 and newer.

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Added March 5, 2012


While you're surfing your favorite pages/topics on the web TipTopic informs you on who else is browsing the same pages/topics and is interested in/ available for discussion. Enjoy live dialog with your favorite topic followers while surfing the web!

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Added March 4, 2012