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Video Grabber No Restart

Play online videos with subtitles. When you go to any video streaming sites. This will allow you to play with subtitles. Watch movies TV series available on other sites with your customized subtitles. More on

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Added September 4, 2011

ShareNXS - Capture Images

Uploads images to

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Added September 3, 2011

Youtube Ratings

Preview Youtube Videos Ratings before opening.

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25 users
Added September 2, 2011

Right Click Upload for

This add-on allows you to right click an image within your browser and choose to upload it directly to

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Added August 30, 2011


Regardez les chaînes de votre Freebox directement depuis votre navigateur. Il faut être éligible au service de télévision. Cette extension utilise le plugin VLC pour mozilla,il faut donc bien veiller à cocher cette case lors de l'installation de VLC.

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Added August 27, 2011


Download youtube video to mp3 formats.

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Added August 27, 2011

Fullsize Image viewer for GooglePlus No Restart

Install it --> Right click on any image when you on Google Plus --> Click on "Full-size" item.
This will open a full-size image in a new tab. Works with any image in your stream (but not for the external links), thumbs and small profile images.

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67 users
Added August 24, 2011

Freemote v6

Freemote telecommande pour Freebox 6.

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Added August 23, 2011

Stereo Image View Converter

Displays a side-by-side stereo image pair in line interlaced mode.

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Added August 23, 2011

Easiest YouTube Video Downloader No Restart

This Addon simply adds a dropdown button that lets you download YouTube Videos in various Formats. Download YouTube Videos in FLV, 3GP, MP3, MP4, 720p, 1080p in a single click.

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44,858 users
Added August 22, 2011

Tab Cycler No Restart

Adds a "Cycle Tabs" context menu item to tabs.

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Added August 21, 2011

WildFox Audio Add-On

This add-on rewrites HTML 5 Audio tags to HTML 4 Embed tags, allowing one to use audio plugins (such as those from VLC and other mediaplayers) to play back the audio instead of relying on the browser's built-in capabilities.

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Added August 20, 2011

Random Southpark Episode No Restart

If You Love Southpark, Then You'll Love This Add-on. Every Time You Click On The Southpark Town Sign At The Bottom Right Of The Screen, A Randomly Picked Episode Will Open Up In A New Tab, So Not To Disturb Your Work On Another Tab.

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Added August 13, 2011

Fire Media Player

Manage and play your music from the convenience of your browser. Play your favorite artist and create music playlists from searched videos.

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Added August 12, 2011

CLGaming_FireFox No Restart

View current streams using this widget.

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Added August 10, 2011

QrCodeR No Restart Featured

Encode selection, links and images to QrCode with right-click.

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Added August 8, 2011

View Image In New Tab

Adds option to the context menu, that appears on right click, to easily open and view an image in new tab.

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Added August 2, 2011



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Added August 2, 2011

Renren Photo Zoom

Renren Photo Zoom!

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Added August 1, 2011

Take Screenshots, Screen Grab with Online Upload

Capture screen grabs aka screen shots and instantly upload online to ImageBam for easy online sharing and storage.

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Added July 29, 2011