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Wtyczka do serwisu

- szybsze wklejanie linków do ściągnięcia bez konieczności ich kopiowania,
- możliwość wklejania linków bezpośrednio do wtyczki,
- sprawdzanie stanu ważności konta bez wchodzenia na

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Added July 29, 2014

Ageless for YouTube Compatible with Firefox 57+

Watch age restricted YouTube videos without signing in.

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9,922 users
Added July 24, 2014

Video PopUp

Video PopUp

Simple option to watch Youtube & Facebook videos in popup.

All video in Facebook & Youtube will have "Watch PopUP" beneath it. Click "Watch PopUP" button and enjoy watching the video as POPUP, without moving from your current page.

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78 users
Added July 23, 2014

Sourberry Notifier

Sourberry (a Turkish online community radio) on-air dj notifier.

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Added July 23, 2014

What's Playing

See desktop notifications when you play songs on SoundCloud, Spotify, Songza, and other music websites. Simply play a song to start and you will receive notifications automatically.

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76 users
Added July 22, 2014


Open YouTube player in new window with TubeG (Pro) app.
Works only with TubeG (Pro) app - available only for Mac!

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Added July 21, 2014

Firedrive for Gmail - Email Large Files

Want to easily and quickly send large files in gmail but don't want to have to go to another page just to be able to do it? well now you don't have to!

Firedrive: The integrated cloud storage provider.

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35 users
Added July 16, 2014

VidConv Downloader for YouTube

Download your favourite songs and videos directly from YouTube, with a single click on a button. Many file formats are supported.

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146 users
Added July 15, 2014

Deezer feed cleaner

Remove promotional albums of Deezer «Hear this» feed.

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282 users
Added July 12, 2014

Favim Requires Restart

Save images from any website to your account on

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Added July 11, 2014


a basic add-on

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Added July 10, 2014


Extensión que mejora la usabilidad de los foros de

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Added July 9, 2014

Godinterest Share It Button Requires Restart

Share amazing photos and links on Godinterest with the Godinterest Share-It-Button.

What would Jesus Pin?
Godinterest is a photo-driven Christian social media site that allows you to share cool things that you find across the web.

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Added July 7, 2014


An easy tool to download E-mote images from pixiv

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Added July 4, 2014

Yair Lapid Stop Barking

גם אתם מכורים לאתרי חדשות, אבל לא סובלים את המבט המתנשא והיהיר של יאיר לפיד? נמאס לכם מהחיוך הלגלגני והמראה הזחוח? לפיד די לקשקש בזנב היא אפליקציה קטנה
שמחליפה באופן אוטומטי תמונות של יאיר לפיד בתמונות חמודות של כלבי שנאוצר

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Added July 2, 2014

IMGoogle - Google Reverse Image Search Compatible with Firefox 57+

Google Reverse Image Search

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972 users
Added June 30, 2014


Additional functionality for the browser's default image and video viewer.

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2,423 users
Added June 28, 2014

Essência FM

Ouça a sua rádio preferida enquanto navega no Facebook.

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Added June 27, 2014


FMix is a simple audio mixer for firefox tabs.

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Added June 25, 2014

Fake Vedio AD

Insert a HTML5 video player into a specific position (tag ID) of page as fake AD.

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Added June 25, 2014