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Video Downloader Prime No Restart

Easily download most popular video formats.

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19,394 users
Added October 24, 2015

InstaDown: Instagram Image & Video Downloader No Restart

The extension adds a direct download button for images found on instagram user pages, and also for videos on single item popups.

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415 users
Added October 23, 2015

Ideal Escapes No Restart

Ideal Escapes are owned by the dream. Travel, join or enjoy

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Added October 23, 2015 No Restart

Fügt zwei Buttons unter jedem YouTube Video hinzu, die es ermöglichen die Videos mit vConvert herunterzuladen und zu konvertieren.

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41 users
Added October 22, 2015

Booru Extractor No Restart

Add-on for automatic downloading of images from image page of booru-like galleries. Currently Gelbooru, Danbooru, Safebooru and all are supported.

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117 users
Added October 22, 2015

Funny Video - Funny9.Co

Watch best funny videos, funny video clips, updated funny clips on daily basis for your entertainment and fun.

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Added October 21, 2015

声牙-视频加速/去广告 No Restart


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106 users
Added October 20, 2015


Videos of the pole dancing basics as well as a few advanced techniques

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Added October 19, 2015

Yo Player No Restart

Search and play music from

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Added October 19, 2015

はてブロimageTitle No Restart




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Added October 19, 2015

Youtube Unblock No Restart

Youtube Unblock is number one tool for hiding your IP and unblocking any web site!

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Added October 18, 2015

PlexIt for Firefox

Easily send videos to your Plex server.

This add-on is built around the 'Plex It!' bookmarklet, which lets you save videos to your Watch Later playlist, recommend them to friends, or 'fling' them onto the big screen with your Plex Media Server.

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319 users
Added October 17, 2015

Screen-sharing extension for No Restart

This extension allows you to share your screen on

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Added October 17, 2015

Vine Volume Fixer No Restart

Adjust video volume to a sane level of your choosing.

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43 users
Added October 17, 2015

MintIt Button for MintShow

Send images to your MintShow account quickly and easily with MintIt Button for MintShow.

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Added October 16, 2015

MP3Cow No Restart

Fast way to search music in MP3Cow, while surfing the web.

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63 users
Added October 15, 2015

Minutta No Restart

Расширение Минутта для Firefox

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344 users
Added October 15, 2015

Lightningsoul No Restart

Zeigt die letzten 5 Videos von Lightningsoul und eine Einblendung, wenn dieser auf Twitch live überträgt.

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Added October 14, 2015

screen-capturing No Restart

Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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10 users
Added October 13, 2015

Mini Audio Icon of Tab - Noise Control No Restart

Converts large icon with information about audio playback by tab on small icon. Pinned to the icon of tab. It takes up less space on the tab bar. There is more space for name tabs.

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147 users
Added October 12, 2015