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Updated January 5, 2014


InboxClock's Gmail/Google Apps mail plugin automatically tracks and reports time spent on email.

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Updated January 3, 2014

Network Activator (ARUP) Requires Restart

Network activator browsser extension

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Updated January 3, 2014

Network Activator (HDS) Requires Restart

Network activator browser extension

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Updated January 2, 2014


HungaroStat - Mit néz a magyar internetező?

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Updated January 2, 2014


KnackQuiz lets you create your own online exam/quiz management website. You can let your users/students/employees attend the quizzes/exams. You could view results in multiple format like graphical, indiviudal result(s), top results and so on.

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Updated January 2, 2014

清华网络学堂批量下载工具 Requires Restart


打开 http://learn.tsinghua.edu.cn 开始下载

可以到 http://li-tianyang.com/2013/11/10/download-tsinghua-wangluoxuetang/ 获得更多帮助

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Updated January 1, 2014

Restartless App Button Quit

Double-click the app button to quickly quit Firefox!

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69 users
Updated December 30, 2013

Scrollbar Anywhere Requires Restart

Scroll a page as if a scrollbar is under your mouse.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (63)
2,651 users
Updated December 29, 2013

Grab and Drag Requires Restart

Enables Adobe Acrobat-style grab and drag scrolling, Flick gestures, and Momentum scrolling in Firefox. Useful for (older) pen or touchscreen-based devices for which these gestures are not natively supported. Not useful on Windows 8 touch devices.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (267)
25,899 users
Updated December 25, 2013

Redirect Python Docs

Redirects Python docs to a preset version. Following versions are available to preset:
2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4

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Updated December 23, 2013

Follow.net Requires Restart

We make it easy to follow a collection of websites, companies or entire online markets that interest you. Simply tell us what you are interested in, and we will start sending you reports on how they are trending on the web.

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1,460 users
Updated December 19, 2013

Две строки / шесть слогов [2 / 6] Requires Restart

Отслеживание изменений на сайте «Две строки / шесть слогов» [http://26.netslova.ru], а также предоставление авторам танкеток удобных инструментов для эффективного взаимодействия с сайтом.

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Updated December 18, 2013

Auto-Open Browser Console

Automatically opens Browser Console when Firefox starts. Mainly for extension developers.

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21 users
Updated December 18, 2013

CallBridge Мегаплан Requires Restart

Позволяет звонить прямо из CRM "Мегаплан" через софтфон X-lite посредством ClickToCall.

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Updated December 17, 2013

Przekierowywanie HAN

Plugin pozwala na dostęp do publikacji naukowych online przez serwery HAN Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego lub Politechniki Warszawskiej. Warunkiem działania jest posiadanie aktywnego konta w bibliotekach uczelni.

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Updated December 14, 2013

AcsTrigger Requires Restart

Easily toggle the option to allow or not a website to use their own colors.

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Updated December 14, 2013

textPlus Requires Restart

textPlus te permite seleccionar porciones de texto de una página web y luego copiarlas al portapaples o guardar como un archivo de texto.

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Updated December 9, 2013

www.go Requires Restart

Have you ever wondered where clicking on random links would take you? www.go takes you on a random trip through the web, clicking on links every seven seconds and taking you to a new place.

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Updated December 7, 2013

iOS Docs

Create links for classes and protocols references in iOS documentation pages

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Updated December 4, 2013