Salesforce Dashboard Auto Refresh

Refresh the Salesforce Dashboards Automatically at Specific Intervals

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233 users
Updated August 12, 2015

AFP protocol enabler

Enable afp protocol (afp://)

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28 users
Updated August 11, 2015


Give dogfooding feedback for Yahoo products

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Updated August 8, 2015

Moje przepisy

Najprostszy sposób na to, by już nigdy nie zgubić ulubionego przepisu!

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Updated August 5, 2015

Copy Title and URL

This addon will provide a way to copy title and url by using menu and context menu.

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148 users
Updated August 5, 2015

Image Gaze

Show a large preview of the image (link) at the mouse cursor.

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Updated August 4, 2015

Noojee Click for Asterisk Requires Restart

Turns phone numbers in any web page into 'click to dial' links.
With Noojee Click and Asterisk you can dial any phone number on a web page with a single click.
Noojee Click for Chrome is now available; download it at: http://bit.ly/hCwfOF

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305 users
Updated August 2, 2015

Wiki on Speed

Improve your research speed and effort on Wikipedia. Hover the mouse over any inter-wiki link in Wikipedia and see an excerpt on a overlay hovering box. No need to open in a new tab!

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52 users
Updated July 31, 2015

TEST4U Online

This extension adds a button to open TEST4U Online Application quickly.
The button opens the application immediately in a new tab and is necessary for users that are non-familiar to computers.

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Updated July 31, 2015

Sun Cult Requires Restart

Worldwide Sunrise, Sunset, Twilight, Moonrise and Moonset...

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2,968 users
Updated July 30, 2015


Block websites for a given time to help you focus on work/study. Using a "browser 10 min then block 50 min" dynamic schedule approach (time adjustable).

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312 users
Updated July 27, 2015


Ever wanted a kinda discreet calculator?
Well here it is! Just select some math press a button and the result will be in the clipboard.

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Updated July 25, 2015


my frist tools for my company

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Updated July 23, 2015

Profile Buttons

A button to be able to open the profile folder, along with two buttons to create profiles, and also switch the current profile.

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1,121 users
Updated July 23, 2015


Gaaiho PDF

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Updated July 23, 2015

グーグルマップ高速道路緑化計画 Requires Restart


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34 users
Updated July 15, 2015

Exiteria Requires Restart

Extension for our clients. After installation, you must set the user ID. At authorized URL change icon. After clicking on the icon (if the user is allowed to URL) displays information messages.

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Updated July 14, 2015


Replaces all images on all pages to Vampeta

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Updated July 13, 2015


Maintain your focus by putting your random thoughts in Laterbox. Whenever some random thoughts strike while you are working...instead of going after them just note them all in your LaterBox, avoid them distracting you.

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Updated July 9, 2015

Prisma Media

Désactive automatiquement les adblockers sur les sites de Prisma Media

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186 users
Updated July 3, 2015