The AnnoMarket Web Page Annotation Plugin allows the users to annotate webpages of their interest using a variety of annotation tools provided by the AnnoMarket platform. The plugin allows the user to process web pages directly from the browser.

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Dynamic Zoom

Dynamically adjusts the zoom level based on the width of the browser window to prevent the website from reflowing every time the window is resized.

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Unibet Adblocker

Unibet Adblocker is a browser addon which blocks ads and instead gives you information about what is going on at Unibet.

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DTMF dialer

This addon dials phone numbers with DTMF to be used with the microphone of a desk telephone. So you can paste a phone number in the addon and dial it automatically instead of dialing it on the phone.

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url to PDF

Our Firefox add-on feature works in the same manner like main website conversion process. You will be expected to click right on the page
that should be saved and select the format such as PDF or image and have the whole process completed quickly.

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URL Suffixer

One click suffix any url !

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chinaunix hiden tiezhi Requires Restart


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Media Key Support

Add support for global media keys

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Print Button is Print

Makes the Print Button print the page instead of presenting a print preview. Adds the option of using shift-left-click and/or ctrl-left-click for Print Preview (both enabled by default).

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Vtiger for Gmail

Vtiger for Gmail TM
View and update your customer data from within Gmail. Vtiger CRM plugin for Gmail shows you the complete history of notes,opportunities,tickets, and allows you to add new notes, create follow-up events, & more.

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Unflag Addon on AMO

Adds link to un-admin flag an addon

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YouTube Advertisement Blocker

This is a YouTube Advertisemenet Blocker for FireFox. Only works with HTML version of YouTube videos

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Friends and Followers Tracker

Addon to track your newly added and removed friends and followers in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks

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CC Requires Restart

Simple Calculator and Currency
Creator : 22084416, 22084420, 22084449 from UKDW

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Webradiobar Requires Restart

Use Webradio.ch.tf in your Sidebar for listening to...

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TiVo Community Forums Menu Requires Restart

Here by request! Navigate the TiVo Community Forums from anywhere on the web using this menu at the top of...

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TSG Navigator Requires Restart

Navigate the TSG...

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Ynet Helper Requires Restart

Replaces javascript links with normal links on ynet.co.il and enables embedded video clips in articles.

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OrbThis Requires Restart

Use OrbThis to enjoy your favorite videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, & more on your mobile device! ...

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Thing Fling Status Checker Requires Restart

Check the current products being sold on...

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