Restore -remote No Restart

Firefox 36 removed the -remote command line argument. This addon restores it, albeit working slightly differently.

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10 users

Restore Blink Tag No Restart

Restores the functionality of the Blink Tag

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27 users

RHP Check Mate

This mate periodically checks the RedHotPawn website (and family) looking for pending...

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RHP Extras

Adds features to the online chess playing site Red Hot Pawn (www.redhotpawn.com).

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36 users


Add a menu to surf on the RI4M World ( http://www.ripp-it.com/ ), wonderful tool to convert the DVD in DivX, and its forum ( http://forum.ripp-it.com ).

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Rickroll Detector No Restart

A simple rickroll detector.

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Rightmove Tweaker

A firefox plugin for the rightmove.co.uk website

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81 users

Rights To Close

Right double-click anywhere on web page to close current tab.

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4,409 users



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RIVS Screen Capturing No Restart

Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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15 users

Robinbook No Restart

Search for books in your local library using Amazon!

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Rooster Teeth Site Extender

Get the most out of your community

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32 users

Route Rat No Restart

Copy a route from Google Maps to a Garmin GPS device.

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1,770 users

Royal Rates Money

Экономьте свое драгоценное время и деньги! Все самые свежие и выгодные курсы обмена электронных валют у вас под рукой — в вашем браузере.

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RPN Calculator Bar

Toolbar-sized Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator.

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322 users

RS TaskGroup Browser Extension

RS TaskGroup von der Raikosoft GmbH ist eine webbasierte Aufgaben- und Projektmanagement Software. Mit Hilfe dieser Erweiterung können Aufgaben per Link aus z.B. E-Mails in einem bereits angemeldeten RS TaskGroup-Webclient geöffnet werden.

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rt.fm v0.1.4

URL shortener for rt.fm.

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Black out selected text on any web page, viewable by everyone who has enabled this add-on.

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('cause this is a "Vodafone Italia" website integration.... in English Below ;))...

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Rumola - bypass CAPTCHA No Restart

Solves those tricky authorization text filled images in web pages (CAPTCHAs) instead of you.

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1,441 users