Click Statistics

Creates statistics about the clicks of the user.

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Меню для быстрого доступа к HWM-форумам

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Makes the whole internets grey with plain fonts.

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Parse Selected Text and send to Google Contacts

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sinhala Tamil type (unicode)

this addon for easy sinhala tamil type (unicode).

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Find-a-Book in the Brooklyn College Library

Displays a map of the Library, highlighting the shelves where your book is found.

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Restartless App Button Quit No Restart

Double-click the app button to quickly quit Firefox!

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H-D Queretaro ToolBar

Toolbar oficial de Harley-Davidson Querétaro, México.

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Google Code Wiki Viewer

Preview Google Code wiki files from local filesystem.

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IMGfreak right-click

You can now easily upload images from the web to http://imgfreak.net with a single right click.

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Nightly about:logo hotfix

Incase you didn't know this is an older addon made for Nightly 7 when they forgot to update the logos, see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=649526, it's has obviously been fixed since Nightly 8.

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This add-on is only for BEAMS ERP users to activate full features.

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SIGAA Fácil é uma extensão para Mozilla Firefox desenvolvida com objetivo de facilitar a visualização dos horários do SIGAA - Sistema Integrado de Gestão de Atividades Acadêmicas.

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Open TortoiseSVN

This Firefox add-on enables you to open TortoiseSVN directly when you click the link to the registered URLs of Subversion repository.

If the link has some specific attributes, this add-on opens TortoiseSVN repository browser, log or blame viewer.

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XPCom by Exemples

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AMO Modifications No Restart

Back-logged AMO Editor Tool modifications

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Scroll here

Right-click on any part of a page and select 'Scroll here' to perfectly align the top of the window to the clicked-upon element.

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(Shortcut Google) Translate from English into Vietnamese (Default) :: Ivoglent N.

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