X-20Mins (Anti 'Ver más en:') No Restart

Mod para la web de 20 Minutos

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100 users

Print Button is Print No Restart

Makes the Print Button print the page instead of presenting a print preview. Adds the option of using shift-left-click and/or ctrl-left-click for Print Preview (both enabled by default).

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154 users

Screensharing Helper for Talky.io No Restart

Helper utility for enabling screensharing on the Talky.io videochat service

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83 users

Print preview button (restartless) No Restart

This extension adds a "Print Preview" button to the main toolbar.

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382 users

Real NBA.com No Restart

This addon was developed for people in Israel, if you try to surf to nba.com you will get redirected to nba.sport5.co.il, this plugin will make sure you get to nba.com

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3 users

Go-System Управление Проектированием No Restart

Расширение для браузера для Go-System Управление Проектированием

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Connects Firefox to Tagger.

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Extension for our clients. After installation, you must set the user ID. At authorized URL change icon. After clicking on the icon (if the user is allowed to URL) displays information messages.

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Browser Uptime

Report the duration of your current browser session.

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27 users

GothicSingles Toolbar

Provides Site integration for members of the online network...

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1 user

Insomnia Forum Menu

Navigate the Insomnia Forum ...

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Star Kingdoms Kit

Star Kingdoms Round 25 calculators. Attack, Research, and Barrack Space.

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Canflix Search

Searches Canflix.com DVD database based on the highlighted term.

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Comfortable surfing with a keyboard. This extension provides some functions that you can use to make your browsing with a keyboard more comfortable. Next/prev page (e.g. in Google search results), smooth scrolling, etc.

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215 users

Mallutorrents Toolbar for Firefox

Useful only to the members of the community - Mallutorrents...

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Quick URL manipulation
Open a different path, subdomain or protocol based on the current URL.
Empty the location-bar by clicking on the icon.

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Last Metal Archives

This addon is NOT maintained anymore. Please use Last Metal Archives for Greasemonkey/Chrome instead: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/68255

Thnx for your support! Metal for ever!

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34 users


The new TurboCall Extension adds a phone call function to your browser...

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Faved Toolbar V1

Post automatically to FAVED.NET. Save your bookmarks online seemlessly and with NO redirects by using the faved.net toolbar. Access your bookmarks from any computer...

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Displays date and week info in the status bar, fully customizable with language and date...

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8 users