hOCR editor

Extension for editing hOCR documents

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number generator

random numbers generator for lottery.6/49,5+1.

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Tapuz unofficial add-on, Will let you open/close entire forum threads (or page), nice to have when viewing uploaded pictures. Also has an option to highlight your friends. New in beta - can now upload images to Tapuz communa's

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Orkut Manager

Manage orkut. You can quote messages, use the toolbar to format your text, use the quickreply button to reply fast on topics, use default colors and a signature for your posts, bookmark communities/topics, create menus, remove ads and much more

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vimkeybindings No Restart

Vi(m) directional keybindings for Firefox.

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Massive Extender No Restart

Extends the Mozilla Add-on Collector allowing to install multiple add-ons with a single click. NOTE: This addon is no longer in development. It is still here for the convenience of existing users. Do not download unless you know what you are doing!!!

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CATS Toolbar

Save time when sourcing candidates and contacts from websites like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder and Dice. Click the CATS icon to parse contact information from web pages. Review and make edits, then click submit to add the data right into CATS.

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Direct-Download Links Checker No Restart

Automatically checks and highlights Direct-Download links whether they are available or not.
Supported file hosts: Megaupload, Rapidshare

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Removes ads at go-windows.de

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Limanowa Live

Limanowa Live jest aplikacja umożliwiająca szybki podgląd na to co się dzieje na rynku w Limanowej.

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Extension Test

A simple add-on for extension testers, especially AMO editors and developers who plan to submit their add-ons to AMO.

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tworzy przydatną funkcję kubabox

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It cleans your address bar

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tubecheck.info No Restart

Shows current status of the London underground network

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AntiDesigner is a toolbar button.
The function is to dispose of objects that seems like decoration.
Target is below.
iframe link object embed applet img style script

I expect your feedback.

Demo movie

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Google Music Keys

Adds hotkey support for Google Music in Firefox.

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socat No Restart

Socat-like addon that can:
- create TCP connection between two hosts
- create TCP echo connection to specified host
Commands are received via control connection to extensions.socat.control-server:extensions.socat.control-port.

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Permet d'ajouter encore plus rapidement des vidéos sur son compte : hipololz.tk

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Copy On Select

A productivity tool which copies selected text to the clipboard automatically.

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Hemianopia Browser

The Hemianopia plugin works quite simply. After installing, the plugin will draw a line on the page, upon which the user can click to change the color or disable it. They can also click and drag the bar to the best location for the site.

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