DTMobile - Trade Forex & CFDs

DTMobile is a FREE high-performance trading application, which allows you to trade Forex and over 1,100 CFDs on the move. The platform features a modern and clean user interface which makes it easy to use by traders of all skill levels.

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Added May 28, 2013

DataCob Clipboard

Auxilia a cópia de textos para a área de transferência via JavaScript quando utilizado o software DataCob

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Added May 27, 2013

Multiple Checkbox Checker

Checks multiple checkboxes with a selection lasso. Right click on a page and select 'Check Multiple Boxes.'

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Added May 22, 2013

Get Life Care

Get Life care is all about life. you can find potential donors and life care tips to take care of your life

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Added May 20, 2013

Chat Reply Helper for Stack Exchange sites

Handle structured conversations more conveniently.

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Added May 15, 2013


Basic Add-on to write messages through screen.

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Added May 14, 2013

WinWeb Accounting Software Requires Restart

WinWeb Accounting Software Firefox Extension

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Added May 13, 2013

FREE Keyword Tool by adCore

The ultimate Keyword Tool by adCore, the FREE Adwords PPC Software.

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Added May 11, 2013

adCore - FREE AdWords PPC Software

A FREE PPC Automation & Management Software - For AdWords, Yahoo and Bing!

adCore offers full SEM campaign automation in a simple, easy to use platform. Best of all it's FREE!

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Added May 11, 2013

Print Selection

Add a context menu option to print the selected text keeping the source format.

Icon credicts go to dtafalonso (http://dtafalonso.deviantart.com/)

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Added May 8, 2013

Change! SSL Requires Restart


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Added May 3, 2013

Natural Swipe

Swipe gestures with three fingers consistent with natural scrolling.

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Added May 2, 2013

Air Pollution

Tento doplněk vám ukáže aktuální znečištění ovzduší v městech České Republiky.

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Added May 1, 2013

FuseDesk for Infusionsoft

FuseDesk's Help Desk and Ticketing System for Infusionsoft can now be used directly inside of your Infusionsoft Application. View and create new cases right on each Contact record without leaving Infusionsoft!

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Added April 26, 2013

Ytria scanEZ Launcher

Launch Ytria scanEZ on the current web page directly from Firefox.

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Added April 24, 2013

WinWeb Dashboard Requires Restart

WinWeb Dashboard Firefox Extension to allow login to the WinWeb Cloud Apps. Requires a WinWeb Subscription

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Added April 23, 2013


Metrifies a Homepage replacing all imperial units with metric ones (currently only Fahrenheit) by clicking on the M-Icon in the bottom toolbar. Strings can be added to the Fahrenheit regex with a rightclick.

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Added April 21, 2013


Générez vos liens sur Propelink

Le Premier outil qui va « vraiment » Boostez votre visibilité !!!

Multipliez le nombre de visites qualifiées.
Boostez votre notoriété
Accélérez les conversions spontanées

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Added April 14, 2013

FCFS calculator

This is FCFS calculator that i have made ​​as a coursework for operating systems.

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Added April 13, 2013

Toggle Link Visited Status Requires Restart

Toggles visited status of links.

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Added April 13, 2013