UrLinker is a simple Firefox Add-on, to easily turn all urls in a page to links with just a click.
This can be pretty useful in pages that do not show direct links, but only URLs.

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Added August 24, 2009

Vacuum Places

This extension allows you to defragment (vacuum) the Places database, used by FireFox.
Vacuum'ing can significantly reduce loading time of the browser and speed it up.

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Added August 21, 2009

Listen to the Holy Quran

Listen To The Holy Quran From tvQuran.com

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Added August 20, 2009

Órarend importáló

Az etr-ből importálja az órákat az órarend generátorba

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Added August 16, 2009


Displays a Google cached version of the web page.

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Added August 14, 2009


visit getchu over gfw

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Added August 11, 2009

The Saloon Bar

The Saloon Bar provides sidebar support for The West (http://www.the-west.net) online game.

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Added August 8, 2009

Full Screen Status Bar

Shows the status bar when in full screen mode.

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Added August 4, 2009

beneclick.ch donation addon - shop & help

Firefox Addon, mit dem Sie automatisch Spenden generieren können! Ist ein Shop Partner, werden Sie automatisch auf die entsprechende Seite geleitet und bei einem Einkauf wird eine Spende ausgelöst. Einfacher geht es nicht... So macht spenden Spass!

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Added August 3, 2009


L'extension des Validateurs du Site du Zéro

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Added July 31, 2009


Enable multi-touch in webpages with the Safari API. Events are forwarded from a TUIO server and then send to a HTML or XUL page.

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Added July 28, 2009


Advanced URL prefix and suffix completion.
An attempt to create a dotCOMplete equivalent for Firefox version 3.5 and above.

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Added July 27, 2009

Middle Mouse Preferences

"Middle Mouse Preferences" change preferences on middlemouse click.

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Added July 24, 2009

number generator

random numbers generator for lottery.6/49,5+1.

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Added July 23, 2009

Better QAPM

Extensión para mejorar la herramienta de testing QAPM.

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Added July 17, 2009


CsvViewer is the extension for viewing editing and creating CSV files directly from the Mozilla Firefox.

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Added July 9, 2009

Extdev Preferences

Set basic prefs for extension developers

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Added July 8, 2009

OVH VOIP Click2Call

This add-on allows to right click on a french phone number and call it with the VOIP API from OVH.COM.

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Added July 3, 2009

Pardus Copilot

Pardus MMORPG Trading Tool

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Added June 21, 2009

butsa.ru players training

Расчет мастерства и опыта игроков для ФМ "Золотая Бутса" (butsa.ru)

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Added June 18, 2009