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Mudim or Mudzot's Input Method allows users to type Vietnamese language in any website. ||| Bộ gõ tiếng Việt Mudim với cách bỏ dấu thông minh và tính tương thích rất tốt.

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Myanmar Converter

Converts Myanmar webpages in ZawGyi encoding to Unicode 5.1.
မြန်မာ ဝက်ဘ်​စာ​မျက်နှာ​မှာ ဇော်​ဂျီး​က ယူ​နီ​ကုတ် ၅ ဒသမ ၁ အထိ ပြောင်း​ပါ​သည်။

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Der Mundo

This add on is no longer supported. Go to to try our multilingual link sharing service.

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Summarizes text with Summary Service on Mac OS X.

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Google Dictionary

A search plugin for Google Dictionary

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Urim No Restart

Tag cloud in your browser! Urim add-on allows you quickly create tag cloud for current page or any text fragment on it.

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Mongolian ASCII to Unicode Converter

ASCII to unicode Mongolian cyrillic text converter.

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即时在线汉英互译 - Instant Online Translator (Chinese-English)

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International on-screen keyboard to type and search internet in your native language

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Marre des J'aime ? Passez à la vision made in 'Popoze'

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Count Word Professional No Restart

This add-on shows the number of words, characters, new lines, spaces of text you selected.

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Ayar Myanmar Unicode Dictionary (MM-EN-MM)

Ayar Myanmar Unicode Dictionary - Burmese <> Burmese <> English <> Burmese by Lookup of selected text. Fully supported by Ayar Myanmar Unicode Group. Online Dictionary at .

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fireword beta

firefox based word process tools, the tool try to provide another option for word process.
The content is saved as html, so the content can be shared between different platform, even smart phone.

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Bangla to English Dictionary

Quickly find Bangla to English meaning and definition.
Select / highlight the "Bangla Word" and just "Right Click",Now from context menu item Click "Get English Meaning Of Selected Word"

OR "highlight" the Text & press key combination " Ctrl e "

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CNRTL - Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales

Textual and lexical resources on

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Bosnian spell checker

This is a comprehensive spell checker that contains more than 300 000 words of the Bosnian language.

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Shows grammatical stress in Russian words; correct stress is one of the most difficult parts of Russian language.

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This is to change font of different sites like Google, Google Plus, FaceBook and Twitter to display correct Sindhi

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Fix Bug 876101 No Restart

This extension is for Indonesian (id) locale only.

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Engster No Restart

It's easy to learn foreign languages!
Simply select a word, and translation appears immediately.
To translate a word, hold Alt while selecting it with a mouse.

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