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Added July 28, 2010

Turkish Deasciifier No Restart

Turkish deasciifier: converts a Turkish text without Turkish letters into a text with proper Turkish letters. Simply right click in a text box or a text area and choose "Convert to Turkish".

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Added July 24, 2010



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Added July 23, 2010

Urim No Restart

Tag cloud in your browser! Urim add-on allows you quickly create tag cloud for current page or any text fragment on it.

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Added July 22, 2010

Bolor Context

Search selected keyword from

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Added July 21, 2010


Allows to translate words using dictionary.
Largest free Polish dictionary. gives you access to almost 3mln entries from 5 languages.
Find your translations in Polish, English, Deutch, French, Spanish or Russian!

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Added July 20, 2010


Allows you to listen the english text, selected in the web-page. Add-on converts selected text into the speech in OGG format. This format has native support by the modern Firefox versions. Try it now. Have Fun and Good Luck.

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Added July 10, 2010


RemoveLocale is extension for removing diacritics from address. We support new project Golem Python Framework ( ) - a tool for teaching of programming.

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Added June 30, 2010

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish the easy way with 'Spanish Word Of The Day' delivered to your Firefox browser. Includes FREE 'Learn Spanish' 6 day course along with ability to translate text or entire webpages FROM ANY language INTO ANY language.

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Added June 28, 2010

Marathi Spell Checker

Checks the Marathi webpage for spelling mistakes and highlights it.

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Added June 28, 2010

Hindi Pop up

After installing this extension, just hover the mouse on top of an English word and a pop-up will appear with suggestions of possible hindi equivalents.

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Added June 24, 2010

Google Translate It No Restart

This jetpack allows you to quickly translate text with Google Translate.

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Added May 22, 2010

Study English everyday


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Added May 20, 2010

Facebook Translate

Translate status updates and comments on Facebook. Seamlessly integrates into Facebook.

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Added May 3, 2010

Szekely-Magyar Rovas (Szekler-Hungarian Rovas)

Transliterates websites to Szekely-Magyar Rovas

Usage: hit the F4 button or Rovas icons in the browser window

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Added May 2, 2010


An extension that improves the frontend by adding the option to translate an individual tweet.

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Added April 20, 2010

PDF Ebook Search Engine and Reader

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Added April 5, 2010


Vimeratorの日本語ヘルプ(F1 や :helpコマンドから参照)を追加します。

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Added April 2, 2010

Vocabulary Highlighter

Highlights all words that were added into a list while browsing. Use this add-on to study languages or be informed of the information you are interested in.

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Added March 31, 2010

Babylon Dictionary Word Search

Find the definition for a selected word in a web page or an email.
Right click over the selected word, choose the option "Search in Babylon" and that's it! You will have a new window with the definition of the selected word.

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Added March 25, 2010