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mPage Requires Restart

Simple dashboard-like RSS feed reader.

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256 users

MR Tech Link Wrapper Lite Requires Restart

Wraps long links and lines to spare you from having to scroll left and right...

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MSN News

Follow the topics you care about and stay up-to-date!

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MSU Moorhead Theme with Personas Interactive

The official theme for Dragon fans, brought to you by MSUM Athletics. Download for free and start enjoying:

A sleek Dragons theme
Breaking news from across MSUM sports
Social connections with Facebook & Twitter

Try it now!

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Catch requests to over 100 websites owned by Rupert Murdoch and warn before proceeding, then offer the choice to: go back, view Google's cache of the page, search Google for similar pages, or allow the page for a set amount of time.

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191 users

MVP Activity Tracker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Add activity to your MVP profile.

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2 users

My Comedy Tab Compatible with Firefox 57+

You will enjoy A fresh quote on every new empty tab opened.

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My Computer Hates Me! Requires Restart

Your Computer Hates YOU! Will you laugh or will you cry as you receive your daily dose of abuse, delivered from your very own PC.

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My Friends' Mood Compatible with Firefox 57+

Who deleted you on Facebook ?

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (2)
33 users

My GMail Button Requires Restart

A GMail Button You Can Stick On Your Navigation Toolbar, Bookmarks Toolbar, Or Menu Bar.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (3)
548 users

My HotLinks Requires Restart

Create and Add your own HotLinks to your Favorit Websites as Menu items in Firefox. Its very easy to use and comes different Options. (Notice, Read the Addon-Details for how to add the Toolbar Button Manually in your Firefox Web Browser).

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11 users

My Portal Requires Restart

A live web page of your bookmark hierarchy. Leave My Portal open in a tab to easily browse, search, and open your bookmarks and live...

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My Reading Mode Compatible with Firefox 57+

Show web pages as a reading mode with your defines.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars (1)
170 users

My Soha Screen Capture Requires Restart

Tiện ích chụp màn hinh và chia sẻ nhanh lên MySoha.

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2 users

My Spot Plugin

Extension to remember MySpot users to make reservations

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18 users

My Yandex.Fotki Uploader Requires Restart

This plugin helps upload photos to Yandex.Fotki with is draged and droped to textarea.

Added rehost function.

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56 users

MyBB Comments Auto Display Compatible with Firefox 57+

Automagically show the comments section on mybroadband.co.za

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6 users


Cloud Based Working Space

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MyDoumail Requires Restart

automatically update douban mail and display new mails on the title bar

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Mynamid Compatible with Firefox 57+

http://www.mynamid.com is a site where you can collect your favorite links, YouTube videos, SoundCloud sounds etc.

This extension allows you to easily right click on any website/link and add it to your mynamid.

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2 users