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Extension for the g15 keyboard. Need g15daemon and libg15render available on

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Updated August 31, 2011 - Add files button

Makes adding files to easier. Just highlight links on any webpage and click the button.

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Updated August 30, 2011

ImageHost Grabber

Downloads all the images hosted on many of the popular free image hosts.

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Updated August 30, 2011

Soundcloud SUPER +2: Downloader and Recommender

This Add-on allows you to download every track from Soundcloud and in addition it gives you recommendations! After installing this Add-on you will have a new Download button at every track.

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Updated August 26, 2011

AlexPro QuickPick

Componente aggiuntivo per il Software AlexPro di Gestione Studio.
E' uno strumento per il salvataggio delle pagine web (o parte di testo selezionata) nella Pratica AlexPro. E' anche utilizzato per l'aggiornamento delle Pratiche AlexPro da PolisWeb

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Updated August 24, 2011

Youtube to MP3 Converter -

A simple, fast and free online Youtube to MP3 conversion tool which allows you to download your favorite youtube videos.

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Updated August 23, 2011

Antiprotetor e desprotetor de links em sites e blogs de download.

Com este add-on você poderá desproteger TODOS seus downloads preferidos com apenas 1 Click!

O reconhece links de TODOS servidores de download.

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Updated August 15, 2011


Download YouTube Videos in FLV and MP4 (both High Defintion and iPod compatible High-Quality) in a single click.

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Updated August 11, 2011

Text Formating Toolbar + Single Click downloader

Text Formatting Toolbar + Single Click attachment downloader for

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Updated August 10, 2011

Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant

Adds ClickOnce support and the ability to report installed .NET versions to the web server.

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Updated August 10, 2011



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Updated August 2, 2011

Broadband Speed Mapper

This extension makes regular measurements of broadband speed and uploads the anonymised results to a map server (, where site visitors can view maps of the results and see which broadband providers deliver at any time of day.

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Updated July 25, 2011

Direct Torrent Downloader

Download torrents directly when you see the links like or You don't need to see the annoying popups any more.

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Updated July 25, 2011 Image Uploader

Upload images fast and easy to by right-clicking on them.

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Updated July 25, 2011

RPNET Download Helper

Download the selected links using rpnet. This plugin provides automatic login and download link conversion. This plugin then sends the links to flashgot.

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Updated July 17, 2011


Adds a button that facilitate the use of with video sharing websites. Currently supporting more than 20 of the most well known flash video sites: YouTube, MetaCafe, MegaVideom, DailyMotion, Ku6, YouKu, Veoh, Break, Vimeo ...

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Updated July 14, 2011

Saved From URL

Inserts the source address (URL) as a HTML comment to web page when it's saved to disk.

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Updated July 13, 2011

list-it: take notes quickly! (listit,

List-it is a fast, simple, 100% Free+Open Source (MIT License) note-taking tool for Firefox. Designed by a research group at MIT, List-it lets you quickly take short notes to yourself + quickly access them whenever and wherever you need em.

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Updated July 13, 2011

MetaProducts Integration

Integrate MetaProducts software with Mozilla browsers. Download links and Web sites using Mass Downloader and Offline Explorer. Save Web pages as you see them for future reference with MetaProducts Inquiry.

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Updated July 11, 2011


TorrentBar offers intuitive and very quick way for searching torrent files on selected websites. TorrentBar allows to manage your favorite torrent websites with ease and no technical knowledge, and keeps you in the loop with changes in torrent scene.

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Updated July 8, 2011