Download Management


115Exporter No Restart

Assistant for 115 to export download links to aria2/aria2-rpc

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37 users
Added March 19, 2016

Youtube downloader mp3/mp4/3gp/flv/webm No Restart

Download and convert any youtube videos to any format

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133 users
Added March 18, 2016 No Restart

Więcej niż pobieranie! 20GB/24H + Catshare, Rapidu, Fileshark i inne + Kumulacja do 60GB!

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3 users
Added March 17, 2016

FireScreen - Screenshot Editor No Restart

Screen capture web page by

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44 users
Added March 15, 2016

Video Downloader Pro Firefox No Restart

Download any video and music from any website! Fast, easy, free!

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36,036 users
Added March 15, 2016

Embrace Italtel Screensharing Utility No Restart

Desktop-capturing API to share screen of any application or entire screen or screen of any chrome tab.

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12 users
Added March 14, 2016

PDFplus No Restart

A set of tools to help handle PDF content in web pages.

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32 users
Added March 12, 2016

APKFtech APK Downloader No Restart

This extension will help you download APK file Directly from Google Play Store through APK Downloader Service.

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166 users
Added March 11, 2016

downloadchibashi No Restart

Download from youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, facebook, etc

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47 users
Added March 7, 2016


Generate a PDF from webpage. It is converting your webpage to PDF. It will convert all the contents of webpage which is not in visible area also. No Server processing.

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8,707 users
Added March 3, 2016

Dediseedbox Torrent Uploader No Restart

This extension will recognise a .torrent file download and upload the .torrent file to a remote server running the rutorrent webui

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20 users
Added March 2, 2016

XDM Helper2

XDM integration module2

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55 users
Added February 23, 2016


Download file a link points to and name it with the link name or highlighted text on the current page.

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6 users
Added February 21, 2016


Zona privada gestion de accesos y recursos.

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2 users
Added February 19, 2016

cFud exchange file and notes No Restart

module provide fast exchange our files and notes with secure encryption aes.

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4 users
Added February 18, 2016

3IH Uploader No Restart

Upload images to 3IH.RU

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117 users
Added February 14, 2016

Livestream downloader No Restart

This extension will allow you to download videos from past events on

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105 users
Added February 11, 2016

Frame Demolition No Restart

Enabling route to load abstracted file layer in select sites.

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12 users
Added February 10, 2016

Soundcloud Music Downloader No Restart

Download songs from soundcloud using scdl

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7 users
Added January 31, 2016

Everywhere YouTube Downloader No Restart

Fast downloads from the Youtube video pages you are viewing. Or right click YouTube video links on any websites, directly download it from context menu. Multi formats(mp4 flv 3gp), easy to use.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars (10)
37,166 users
Added January 27, 2016