Show and remove expired bookmarks

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Added February 3, 2017

Display #Anchors

Displays anchors for all content in the current web page without breaking the layout.

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49 users
Added February 3, 2017

Dynamic Bookmarks

Allows for the creation of dynamic bookmarks that update automatically to point the most recent page the user has visited on a specified domain.

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Added January 29, 2017


Too many open tabs? Manage your tabs, regain your sanity and improve your browsing experience with tabzen.
Save and restore you tabs whenever you need them.
Edit, annotate and organize your tabs.
Export, import to and from HTML file.

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Added January 29, 2017

BookmarkSite Ext

Web Extension for Firefox Mozilla that interacts with and makes possible to manage bookmarks in the cloud.

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Added January 26, 2017

Nerto Button

Quickly add events to Nerto

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Added January 18, 2017

Add to GrandHomePage

Add the current site you're looking at to your start page at

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Added January 17, 2017

Save Windows

Save all tabs in a window to check it later

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Added January 16, 2017


Bookmarks via email, to a +folder of your choice.

Send the current tab, as an email, to an email address of your choosing.
Ideal for use with an email like ``.

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Added January 4, 2017

Anime Tracker

Keeps track of the ridiculously short episodes on

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Added January 2, 2017

TUM eAccess

TUM eAccess: Access to Electronic Media

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Added January 2, 2017

Pinboard Pin

A modern web extension for pinning pages on Pinboard ( with Firefox.

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47 users
Added December 26, 2016

Share on Crit Cola

Adds a browser button for sharing webpages to Crit Cola's website.

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Added December 21, 2016


Instapaper is a simple tool for saving web pages to read later on your iPhone, iPad, Android, computer, or Kindle. The Instapaper browser extension may be used to save the current page directly into your Instapaper account.

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Added December 16, 2016

Get Synced v1.0

Context sensitive Firefox education tool: an experimented created by Mozilla to promote Firefox Mobile and Sync to users on desktop who have bookmarked.

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Added December 15, 2016 - URL Shortener

Use the URL shortener right from Firefox! Create short URLs for your long links, generate QR codes and get free statistics for your links.

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Added December 14, 2016

Browser History Display

Add sub-menus to History menu for today to 14 day's previous history display.

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Added December 8, 2016 - Update Bookmarks has moved to – update your bookmarks by simply adding extension.

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Added December 6, 2016


A toolbar full of searchboxes!

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Added December 3, 2016

Mynamid is a site where you can collect your favorite links, YouTube videos, SoundCloud sounds etc.

This extension allows you to easily right click on any website/link and add it to your mynamid.

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Added December 3, 2016