Hide Img Tag

Hides all the tags <IMG> in the page using a "display:none" style.
So you can easily copy texts without copying the "alt" value of the image.

Does not affect images placed as background.

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34 users
Added April 2, 2014

Hide Sync in Menu No Restart

Hide "Sign in to Sync" button in the menu.

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1 user
Added March 31, 2014

The Super Clock No Restart

The Super Clock is a beautiful clock

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (1)
5 users
Added March 29, 2014

Smaller Firefox No Restart

Makes stuff smaller to save space. Smaller Firefox compress navigation and tab toolbars. Restartless.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (1)
5 users
Added March 29, 2014

Black background and white text No Restart

Makes black background and white text on every page

Rated 2 out of 5 stars (1)
91 users
Added March 27, 2014

Tabs on Bottom (Australis) No Restart

Bring back the tabs on bottom feature !

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2 users
Added March 23, 2014

Fix GossipLanka No Restart

Removes those annoying ads on 'Gossip Lanka News' site.

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1 user
Added March 22, 2014

Flash Control No Restart

Controls as and when to display the Flash player.

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225 users
Added March 18, 2014

Open 160by2

Send Sms by addon

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5 users
Added March 17, 2014

Fire Resizer

Windows resizer extension

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11 users
Added March 15, 2014

Always Show History Settings No Restart

Always show full history settings in the Privacy preferences pane.

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59 users
Added March 14, 2014

HideScrollbars No Restart

"Hide Scrollbars" add-on removes scrollbars for those who prefer mouse wheel and keyboard navigation.

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153 users
Added March 14, 2014

Reply Now No Restart

Reply right away to emails!

With relative timestamps in Gmail, you can see how long an email has been sitting in your inbox. Reply while the time is still green!

Timestamps turn yellow after 15 minutes and red after an hour.

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14 users
Added March 14, 2014

SimpleMachines Notifier No Restart cross-browser extension.

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3 users
Added March 11, 2014

Szentírás No Restart

Bibliai hivatkozások beillesztése a Szentírá oldalról

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2 users
Added March 9, 2014

Zoomr No Restart

Simulates the smart zoom of mobile devices and tablets on desktop. Instead of double tapping though, click and hold to zoom on a paragraph, image, etc.

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56 users
Added March 8, 2014

Hacker News Colors No Restart

Makes Hacker News easier to read by adding a bit of color to every story, based on points.

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27 users
Added March 6, 2014

Noia Fox options

Options manager and fixes for Noia Fox theme 3.0.0

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998 users
Added March 2, 2014

Facebook Timeline Toggle No Restart

Hide your timeline and get rid of distractions! Add this small button to the bottom of your screen to turn your Facebook timeline on and off. You can message people, see events, search, etc. but no more getting distracted by timeline updates!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (1)
418 users
Added March 1, 2014

Netatmo Weather Widget No Restart

This extension allows you to access your netatmo stations' data directly from your browser!

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100 users
Added February 28, 2014