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Wide Github

Use Github on fullscreen for a better code review.

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Random11's Buttons Requires Restart

Adds an extra new Tab button which was removed in Firefox 4.0.
Adds a special new Tab button that opens your homepage in a new tab.
Adds a restart button that restarts Firefox.

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Un bloqueur de publicité équitable. Préservez le web gratuit en choisissant sur quels sites vous bloquez la publicité.

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Soyez informé dès que la MadCorpsTV est en ligne !

C'est très simple : si le logo est vert, un clic dessus vous amènera sur le stream !

Rejoignez-nous sur

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RT en Français

RT est une chaîne de télévision d’information continue qui diffuse en français et propose un point de vue alternatif sur l’actualité internationale.

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Search Image with Google

Extends image context-menu with option to search the image with Google.

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692 users

MinimaList Compatible with Firefox 57+

Simple To-Do list with a minimalist notebook look. Add, edit and delete your tasks with a single mouse click.

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Apozy Trusted Browsing Compatible with Firefox 57+

Apozy sandboxes malicious sites to stop phishing attacks, ransomware and data leaks. It's learns from your browsing habits to stop complex & undiscovered attacks. It's free, open source and privacy friendly.

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DuckDuckGo Hide Unwanted Results Compatible with Firefox 57+

Hide unwanted DuckDuckGo search results from specific domains.

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209 users

WebAnnotator Requires Restart

WebAnnotator is an annotation tool for Web pages.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (3)
98 users

Search Thottbot Requires Restart

Allows a user to highlight text, right click the text and then select Search Thottbot! This is an extension targeted at World of Warcraft players who find themselves commonly searching...

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FatCash Requires Restart

Checks if the site you're on offers FatCash and displays an icon in the status...

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MozLab Requires Restart

Remote shell and test-driven development tool for Mozilla developers

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Load2Mobile Requires Restart

The Load2Mobile add-on will display an icon next to supported music files on any web site that you're browsing. Just click the icon, type in your phone number, and click "Send" and the file will be sent instantly to your mobile phone!

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amazonlinks Requires Restart

Shorten links to, & products

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Weblinkr Extensions Requires Restart

This extension enables you to store the current website to your Weblinkr account via right-click or toolbar-button. Furthermore you have easy access to your weblinks at Weblinkr.

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GazoPa Similar Image Search Requires Restart

GazoPa is an image search engine that use color and/or shape to search for similar images. Right click on any images on the web and similar images can be searched.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (3)
0 users Certificate Thumbprint Validator Requires Restart

Validates certificates against thumbprints retrieved from
Warns user when differences are detected.

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CopyTitle Requires Restart

CopyTitle is a small extension for the Firefox web browser. The extension allows you to copy the title and the url of the current document, frame or iframe to your clipboard. So you can easily paste it where ever you want! For this, the extensi...

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MyTabs Requires Restart

MyTabs is a micro bookmarking tool to help you set your tabs straight.

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