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Mangada Requires Restart


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mangaeden-free Compatible with Firefox 57+

Allows a more pleasant reading from mangaeden.com

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Keep track of the status of mangas read on manga/manhua reading sites (currently mangareader.net and mangafox.me but others can be added easily on demand).

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Mango Voice Click2Call

Click2Call with MangoVoice, MangoVoice telephony service required. Contact us today to for more information.

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Manhattanville College with Personas Interactive

M'Ville Athletics fans get the only Valiant browser theme available.

Official Valiants logos and colors
Breaking news from all the sports
Social connections through Facebook and Twitter

It's all here. Try it now!

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ManicTime Url Extractor

Sends current url to locally installed ManicTime client.

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Manipulist Compatible with Firefox 57+

Toolbar button for quick access to Manipulist.com, Powerful and Free Productivity web-based tool for Text Manipulation & Scraping.

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Manna Hírnök Compatible with Firefox 57+

Köszönjük a letöltést, légy résen, hamarosan itt a következő játék, amiben megnyerheted limitált csomagjaink egyikét! Tovább növelheted nyerési esélyed, ha feliratkozol azonnali Facebook értesítéseinkre!

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Mannaseife.de Compatible with Firefox 57+

Vielen Dank für das Downloaden, sei auf der Hut, bald ist das nächste Spiel da, in dem Du eines unserer limitierten Pakete gewinnen kannst! Du kannst Deine Chancen weiter erhöhen, wenn Du unsere Facebook Benachrichtigungen abonnierst!

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ManoDestra - Download Scheduler Compatible with Firefox 57+

Allows the user to schedule downloads to run during their preferred time window.

Downloads are paused when outside of the user's preferred download window and resumed when the window is reached, allowing users to manage when downloads occur.

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Mansfield University Athletics Interactive Theme

This is the OFFICIAL licensed browser theme designed especially for Mansfield U athletics fans. You'll enjoy a stunning Mansfield Firefox theme, quick links to the best of Mansfield athletics and a sidebar for the latest action.

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Discover what web trackers could infer out of your browsing history

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Many Short Url Maker Requires Restart

Powerful tool to short url to many type of short url provider and it easy just paste your url and submit and automatic we create it for you

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Map & More

Select any address text on a webpage and find it's location using Google or Bing Maps. You can also set the address as start or destination address

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Map This Requires Restart

This extension will let you get a Google map for any address on a webpage. Just select the address, right-click and choose "Map This". Also, you can set your home location in the preferences, and choose "Map To This" to get...

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Map With Google

New "no restart" version! Highlight an address on a web page, right click and select "Search Google Maps" from the menu, a Google Maps tab will open with the searched location.

View project: https://github.com/sharpdressedcodes/map_with_google

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Map with Google Maps

Highlight an address on a web page, right click the mouse and select "Search Google Maps" from the menu, a Google Maps tab will open with the relevant location result.

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Map+ Requires Restart

View a Yahoo! map of a selected address without having to open a new window or tab.

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