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This automatic linter is the easiest way to validate code style in any pull request on github. Simply press lint button in github pull request page.

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Font Inspector No Restart

Font Inspector for Firefox

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Grid Body

To measure the ratio of the human body.

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Bahá'í Reference Library Wiki Overlay No Restart

Overlays official Bahá'í Reference Library site (reference.bahai.org) with links back to collaboratively editable wikis (at bahai9.com, bahaikipedia.org, wikipedia.org, and bahaitext.org) allowing compilation of info pertaining to any given work.

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uniqtabs (Unique Tabs) No Restart

Sorts tabs and prevents tab duplicates.

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Password dialog begone

Removes the password notification dialog when you login to a site.

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Webpage Editable Switch No Restart

Turn document body contentEditable on or off.

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Have Fun with the wonderful articles.

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Ask.fm Plug-in

Bedava ask.fm takipçi ve sorularınızı beğendirin.

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Select Text and Request URL No Restart

Adds text you select in a webpage to your URL. Lets you build your own URL Requests to access many web services like word definitions and much more. See description below.

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Hover Hand

Auto pop up images without having to click on the links. Only need to hover/mouse over the image link.

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Media Commander No Restart

The Multimedia as a Service client allows a subscriber to receive / send an integrated communication consisting of mixtures of voice, data, image, and video information.

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Spenden mit Amazon

Fügt automatisch einen Tag an jede Amazon URL, so dass Amazon 5% der Bestellsumme an den Deutschen Kinderhospitzverein spendet.

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SubToMe - Universal Follow Button No Restart

SubToMe makes it easy for people to follow web sites, because browsers don't.

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Inter-Active Terminology for Europe

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We promote better dining decisions by bringing health inspection scores from behind a store window to your favorite online browser. Supports adding public NYC health ratings on Seamless.com, Zagat.com, MenuPages.com and OpenTable.com.

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TrelloScrum for Firefox

A port of TrelloScrum (https://github.com/Q42/TrelloScrum) for firefox

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immunity No Restart

A simple way to turn off Javascript and Cookies with one click.

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londinium.com toolbar

Londinium Toolbar for Firefox. Provides quick and easy access to the londinium .com directory of London.

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