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This is a great addon I have used for years. However, the past few days YouTube has blocked anyone using this DownloadHelper addon from being able to comment or rate or favorite videos or add videos to playlists or do much of anything else. DownloadHelper needs a new version, fast, to fix its incompatibility with YouTube that started a few days ago when YouTube changed its layout and coding. Maybe DownloadHelper could stop trying to insert download links into YouTube pages, and leave the pages unchanged, just let people download the video by clicking the DownloadHelper icon in the Firefox toolbar without altering the code on the webpage, that would fix the compatibility problems and allow YouTube to work again and we'd still be able to download videos. Anyway, I hope the developer of this addon fixes it very very soon, it is hard to keep an addon like this compatible with a moving target like YouTube when the people at YouTube don't WANT addons like this to be compatible with their site. But I am sure it can be done. Currently the DownloadHelper version is 4.9.14. Hopefully the next version will fix everything and perhaps be more versatile in dealing with changes on YouTube's end.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

We have a workaround for this issue and we need your help to verify it does not break other things in YouTube. Please check: http://bugzilla.downloadhelper.net:8080/show_bug.cgi?id=518