Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have to say that I was initially wrong about this one. When I first looked at it's page it looked like it would make the location bar geekier and I didn't give it a try. I later on gave it a second look and after using it for a while it truly does turn the address bar from a bunch of geeky nonsense into something truly usable and informative!

I have been on a crusade for a long time to cut out the geek factor from tech and to make it work for real people. I have been railing for years about junk like "http" and colons, backslashes, ridiculous strings of junk at the end of addresses... This developer just made a quantum leap in the right direction.

The information is laid out sensibly and controlling it is so easy a tech rookie can easily manage it. For a long time I have been pushing the granny test. If tech requires an IT degree to operate it then back to the drawing board. The benefits or tech should be readily apparent and easy to operate. 5 * reviews should be rare and this add-on truly sizzles!

Finer points:

* I found it better to take the status bar icon and drag it up to the address bar.

* I am running Palemoon( currently 15.1.1) and it is working perfectly.

* I also like how they included boobs and a thong with it. I am pleased to see that the developer has it so together and has his priorities in order. Why should tech have to be boring?

Feature request:

I only run Failfox for testing purposes but on mine the bookmark bar absolutely refuses to shut off. If I customize it and shut it off on restarts it rises from the dead like a horror film slasher. Since Mozilla refuses to fix this bug perhaps in a future update you could be the one to show them how it is done.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.0.1-signed).