TRUSTe Tracker Protection Beta 1.1.2c

Source Code License

Temporary Use License

The software is served AS IS and no warranty is given or implied. TRUSTe maintains no liability for the use of this product. Terms used within the add-on to describe or label entities are not statements of fact and do no imply that these entities fall under these labels. TRUSTe does not guarantee the accuracy of any information within the add-on; such information is accurate only to the best of the company's knowledge. This "Temporary" license covers only the "Beta" ( which is any version of TRUSTe's add-on labeled as "Beta") version of the add-on, and will be updated at the time the add-on is updated to a non-Beta version with a new license which will cover the product from that time forward. TRUSTe gives no license and implies no right for users of this add-on to modify or reproduce the source code within. This add-on contains information regarding domains and their operator companies; by acquiring or possessing this add-on, you (the user) agrees to not use or duplicate this information for use outside the add-on.