...Maybe... Just a little confused Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I run "The Paranoid Kit" Add-on collection. I haven't touched the collection in some time now, but decided it was time to review the add-ons, check out new ones and take the bad ones out.

While my first impression of this add-on is negative, I generally try to keep approaching it with an unbiased mind set. Here are a few questions and concerns I have found:

1) After installing the add-on, The user is sent to a website to configure it. Why? (and Yes!, I'm **That** paranoid).

2) The privacy policy on your site (to configure it?) says you collect data in aggregate form (Good, but not great). You also run 2 API's for analytics on the site as well, one being Google (the other an open source platform, I haven't heard of it --- so --- (sigh) -- **to do**). I know the Google service fairly well, I use it to monitor and track trends on my companies website as well. :-\

3) Does the site modify the add-on or some exchange take place, even something as simple as just reading/writing settings? (clarify maybe in the FAQ's on how it works instead of saying "We use an add-on")

4) Where are preferences held? In a cookie, local file or about:config lines internal to FF? (Yea i know i should be checking these questions out myself, but i figure the dev knows the ins and outs and can save me a few hours if the response seems right.)

5) Yea this website config thing really bothers me. Infact, I find it incredibly dodgy that you make it spawn a new window but have the URL hidden. Ya know, fraud and scam sites follow this same metric, and we're supposed to trust you with our privacy? (I can *not* rule out this is a bug if you say it supports FF4). Are you trying to hide the fact your using your WEBSITE -- To set peoples Prefs?! I'm sure the site is simply used to be able to quickly add/modify/remove items to the index?

6) As per the 'pref setting' site: "Third-Party Data Collection. We may link to third parties, such as UserVoice (privacy policy), and these parties may use cookies or other tracking method under their own privacy policies, but they have agreed not to use or share the information for other purposes."

This seems like a slippery slope. We have to trust you, and then out of good faith trust UserVoice just the same? Are you really saying that basically in order to truly keep a tabs on our privacy (By use of an add-on mind you) That we must also keep mindful of changes in Your, Google's **AND** UserVoice policy?

Thanks for your time. I look forward to a (positive) response and hope to learn much more of what appears to be a terrific idea for an add-on. I also hope maybe some of my questions may provide you with valuable feedback information.

Somebody. :o)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.1-signed.1-signed).