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Version 1.0b7 896.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 8.0a1

  • Improved macro-string support, including automatic elision of optional elements, and array subscripts.
  • Mapping changes:
    • Added {, }, [, and ] mappings.
  • Command changes:
    • :downloads now opens a download list in the multi-line output buffer. Added -sort flag.
    • :style now supports regexp site-filters on Firefox 6+.
    • :qa closes only the current window, per Vim.
    • Added :exit command.
    • Added :dlclear command.
    • Added 's' and 'e' flags to :pageinfo command.
    • Added :pintab and :unpintab commands.
    • Extension manipulation commands, including :extenable, :extdisable, and :exttoggle, now accept a -types argument.
    • :tabmove now moves to the position of tab N, not after it. Without arguments it no longer moves the tab to the end of the list.
  • Improvements to :style and :highlight:
    • Added Find highlighting group.
  • Important option changes:
    • 'guioptions' default value has changed.
  • Option changes:
    • Added 'downloadsort' option.
    • Made 'strictfocus' a sitemap.
    • Added 'jumptags' option.
    • Added 's' flag to 'pageinfo' and changed default value.
    • Added 'passunknown' option.
    • Make 'showmode' a stringlist option.