framework assistant Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I'm using Fire Fox 4.0. My original version of framework assistant 1.2.1 was disabled soon as I downloaded
FF 4.0. This framework assistant 1.2.1 came with software "Photo Explosion Deluxe" that I bought in a store. So once
I lost the version 1.2.1, I figured I need a higher version. Downloading version 1.2.2 was difficult for me. I was steered
into downloading, update my "drivers". Well, that was almost a horror story to happen. It seemed like I was close to
getting Malware, so I hurry up and try to close all open applications. Some wouldn't let me close on the first try.
Then my Homepage in my browser of "FF" and "IE" changed to "Bing"! Once I fixed all that lengthly process. I tried
Installing version 1.2.2 again. This time I really paid attention to all the download options on one page. Some scare
items appear saying something like "You were not asked to download this program.", and the usual comes up
"Download only who you trust." I put trust in a program that Microsoft put out. Now, I successfully downloaded framework assistant and it's listed in my add-ons list on version 4.0 of FireFox. I don't have any complaints
about this program. Except, it's not easy to download!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.2.2).