LOVE the old one, LOATHE the new one Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I literally came back here to get the old Lazarus back.

The new one's only somewhat worthwhile feature is the sync and cross-browser ability. But this comes at a hefty cost --

-Lazarus icons now infiltrate any and all boxes/forms by a mere mouse hover (as opposed to the old, when you could right-click for Lazarus' menu)

-There are no more distinct Lazarus restoration submenus of "text" and "form" data

-No (seeming) way to access the master Lazarus database to look further back into history

-The new one is frequently "hiccuping" and disappearing, not appearing in textboxes anymore (which was the final straw that sent me back here tonight to get the old one back)

And a few other minor points. Hence, I'm now back here to raise the old Lazarus back from the dead... again! :)