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I tested Invisiblehand on several articles in Germany. I checked one of the best price comparison websites (idealo.de) versus Amazon.de+InvisibleHand. Idealo always gives me up to 10 cheaper articles than amazon.de, InvisibleHand usually misses all of them.

Example 1: Canon PowerShot S95

13 retailers are cheaper than amazon, InvisibleHand missed them all. Very bad results.

In comparison, the addon "Ciuvo" finds 4 cheaper retailers for this article (still very disappointing though). Globally, "Ciuvo" is better. I didn't test other price comparison addon though.

Example 2: Sony KDL46EX655

5 cheaper retailers on idealo.de. InvisibleHand and Ciuvo missed all of them.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thanks for your review, we're sorry to hear InvisibleHand couldn't provide you with the lowest prices for what you were looking for.

Perhaps we can find out why InvisibleHand wasn't showing notifications on these pages - if you email us with these urls we can look into this for you :)

Drop us an email at: info@getinvisiblehand.com