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Version 2.8 13.8 KB Works with Firefox 24.0 and later, SeaMonkey 2.23 and later

Remove support for Firefox23 and earlier
Add support for SeaMonkey2.23-2.26.a1

Version 2.7 9.2 KB Works with Firefox 10.0 and later

Removed deprecated isLivemark

Version 2.6 13.3 KB Works with Firefox 3.6 and later

Add locale he-IL
Modified that folder pane is no longer focused in Library

Version 2.5 12.3 KB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

Improved: Compatibility with Minefield due to checked in Bug 528884 - Remove places' menu and toolbar bindings
Add locale: uk-UA translation by Sappa

Version 2.4 12.3 KB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 3.7a5pre

Changed: Dropped support Firefox3.0.X
Improved: Compatibility with Minefield3.7a5pre due to checked in Bug 556739 - PlacesUIUtils should be a module instead
Improved: Works with "Flat Bookmarks" extension

Version 2.3 11.3 KB Works with Firefox 3.0pre - 3.7a4pre

Improved: compatibility with Minefield3.7a4pre

Version 2.2 8.2 KB Works with Firefox 3.0pre - 3.7a3pre

Add locale: zh-CN translation by BruceH
Add locale: zh-TW translation by Jack1abcd
Add locale: es-ES translation by RigoNet
Add locale: pt-BR translation by edgard.magalhaes
Add locale: de-DE translation by HorstS,Team erweiterungen.de,Wawuschel

Version 2.1 7.2 KB Works with Firefox 3.0pre - 3.7a1pre

Add locale: fr translation by Goofy
Add locale: sr-RS translation by DakSrbija
Add locale: da-DK translation by Wodak

Version 2.0 6.1 KB Works with Firefox 3.0pre - 3.7a1pre

Change MaxVersion to 3.7a1pre
Change default setting "extensions.goParentFolder.disableSelectFolder" to true.
Fixed Bug 498130 - Reduce places-views overhead.

Version 1.9 6.1 KB Works with Firefox 3.0pre - 3.7a1pre

Add an option of Disable select parent folder. (only selecting the bookmark and not the parent folder)

Version 1.8 6.1 KB Works with Firefox 3.0pre - 3.6a1pre

1.Due to check-in of "Bug 475273 - Double Clicking a Folder in Right Pane causes Left Pane Tree items to expand and collapse"
2. Up the version corresponding Firefox3.6a2pre

Version 1.6 5.1 KB Works with Firefox 3.0pre - 3.1b2

Improved: Shortened time to search for a parent-folder in the Sidebar when "Select all related bookmark" option is off.
Fixed bug: Dynamic entries like those in the "Recent Tags" and "Recent Bookmarks" folders are ignored when searching for the parent without "Select all related bookmark" option.