Only if you keep inbox 0 Rated 2 out of 5 stars

v1.48 notifications are broken.
It keeps notifying me of new mail on every period although there is nothing new.
* Count only email is checked.
* Reset counter is checked
* Only alert for new additional is checked
* Unofficial method is enabled

Edited after response from author:
Tried unchecking "Reset counter..." but the icon would blink for a while and then stop blinking. which beats the idea of a notifier: to avoid having to check constantly. If you keep more than 10 emails unread and failed to see the blinking, you wouldn't know there is new mail.

It is nice that this add-on does not try to read into my email, but as it is now, it is only useful for people who manage to respect the "inbox zero" policy. For the the rest, the vast majority of us, I don't see any practical use for this add-on.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.48). 


The most common pitfall is the user don't know that gmail watcher detect new email by increasing unread counter number. It do not open your email or remember your email for your privacy, so it don't know that your unread email is new or not. It will assume that there is a new email coming if unread email increase.

So, the most common miss understand is come from option "reset counter upon opening email".

Assume that your have 3 unread emails in inbox. You left click to open it but don't read it. So, your unread email still be "3" but the counter turn to "0" due to the option "reset counter". For the next check, it will find 3 unread email which increase from "0" to "3". So it will alert.

The same situation will changed if you don't open email. Assume that you have 3 unread emails. When it alert - you don't click it. For next checking, it will found that your have 3 unread email. So, the counter not changed and it will not alert (because of the option "only alert for new additional email".

For more additional information, please read the help of gmail watcher.
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The real counter is not just 0 to 10, but it can be 0 to 2 billion. Due to limit space of toolbar button, the number more than 9 will show as 10+, but if you not enable the option "hide add-on (status bar) icon", the icon and counter (which is unlimit to number 10) will show on status bar.

For the concern of alert, assume that if you have 12 unread. The toolbar will show 10+. If the next checking, you still have 12 unread, the toolbar button will show 10+ and non-blink. If next check you have 13 unread, the toolbar will show 10+ and blink.