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Great! I don't have to load huge add-ons (Firebug) just to view the Storage, this lets me do it fast. Just one thing, it would be nice if it didn't use the accent color from the current theme/persona. My accent color is black and it looks pretty bad (general, and the refresh button is invisible). Maybe just use a universal color or something...

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I'm try to use this addon and found that it very uncomfortable for view/edit large values (hundreds or thousands characters).
Proposals: add a tip with full value when a mouse pointer delayed on value row
(like firefox about:config);
Optionally divide screen into two pane - one for table key/value (as present) and below pane for view/edit current value (scrollable textbox)

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Why does this addon put a red box around the xul:deck?

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Hi, The version 1.0.2 will fix this issue, sorry about that.

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This should be integrated into Firebug, does not make sense as a stand alone addons. nobody wants several icons on the status bar. webkit inspector already has this feature and I was expecting firebug to add sooner. firebug is kinda falling behind webkit inspector

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Hi Aziz,

You are right, it does make sense to have this feature part of Firebug. This is my first experience doing any plug-ins for firefox. My code is all open source, so if you want to integrate it in Firebug you can go ahead.

As for webkit's inspector, I do agree with you that in some parts it is better than Firebug.

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Does this integrate into Firebug?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.9.1-signed.1-signed). 

Hi Yansky,

I didn't really plan of having it integrated with Firebug but it would make sense to have FireStorage within Firebug. I might contact them to see how we can get that happening.