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Version 3.7 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 51.0

maxVersion: 51.0
Optimized reader images
Made reader/narrater highlighting consistent
Fixed missing Pocket icon in Reader
Add transitions of Reader settings: width, line-height, font-size, color
Fixed GLCI (commandline)
Added support for "DOM viewer" in devtools
Removed support for foxSplitter (doesn't exist anymore) and facebookmessenger addon
Removed greyscale.svg (replaced by filter:grayscale(1))
More icons in menus
Fixed some minor issues in devtools
Made alert dialog better scale with content
Bug 820926 - [markup view] don't close self-closing tags (br, img, …) if the page is an HTML page (not X(HT)ML)
Bug 522668 - Integrate PlacesDBUtils.checkAndFixDatabase() in about:support
Bug 1246313 - refresh code mirror colors for better contrast
Bug 1205330 - review / revise the dark theme palette
Bug 1264143 - "No notification will be shown.." text is no longer aligned with the "Do not disturb me" checkbox label
Bug 1260419 - CSS autocomplete: show more suggestions in autocomplete popup
Bug 1014533 - spectrum.css should probably be in browser/themes, not browser/devtools
Bug 1259834 - Create a basic HTML Tooltip API
Bug 1151200 - User should be able to set margins widths in Reader mode
Bug 1246162 - Page content is moving when the "Advanced" button is clicked in "Your connection is not secure" screen
Bug 1257953 - Modelessify the narrate popup
Bug 1269521 - Add line height contral in reader mode.
Bug 1151200 - Add content width control in reader mode.
Bug 1268483 - Red square present over hamburger button when completing a download while Downloads icons is placed in Panel Menu
Bug 1252068 - Adding in reset prefs button on SSLNetError page
Bug 1269029 - Create a hamburger menu for containers
Bug 1267923 - Move the CSS rules to ContextualIdentityService
Bug 1242694 - [a11y] Add proper tree view semantics and keyboard navigation to inspector markup view.
Bug 1267401 - Create "arrow" tooltip style for HTML tooltips
Bug 1266419 - Create an HTML replacement for Toolbars and Toolbar buttons
Bug 1274712 - Copy for string changes to DNT dialog
Bug 1275455 - Containers hamburger menu doesn’t have icons
Bug 1259812 - Create an HTML replacement for the XUL in the breadcrumbs widget
Bug 1134073 - Show cause of a network request in netmonitor
Bug 962433 - Use Reader Mode for printing articles
Bug 1271899 - Clicking outside of text fields in box model doesn't collapse them (this wasn't an issue in my themes, but the patch for this required me to adapt my themes)
Bug 1265341 - The icons for blocked downloads should be a document with an exclamation or block badge
Bug 1266450 - Create a HTML Tooltip to display event details
Bug 1276880 - Containers: Opening same-origin link in new tab from active container should put new tab in same container
Bug 1206246 - Show indication when some permissions have been granted to the current site
Bug 1252509 - Use a sliding panel overlay from the downloads panel to display the available actions
Bug 1277967 - Do a better job of handling a failing search service
Bug 1277264 - Migrate netmonitor image preview tooltip to HTML Tooltip
Bug 1279224 - Remove the Sync promotion in the add-on install doorhanger (removed from all firefox versions)

Version 3.6 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 49.0

Updated to FF 49.0:
Bug 1240594 - Merge about:neterror and about:certerror
Bug 1250784 - Implement the options V2 API
Bug 891897 - Identity box text padding is wrong in RTL mode
Added support for The Addon Bar (restored) (GiT-Addonbar)
Bug 1233535 - Show the user's email and display name in Sync preferences when available
Fixed aboutCertError/aboutNetError pages (hopefully, the logic behind these is very confusing)
Bug 1181078 - Implement new awesomebar design
Bug 1262772 - In in-content pages, HTML input type="checkbox" elements invisibly cover the top-left of their visible representation because they still take pointer events (despite opacity: 0)
Added Android & iOS logo's to preferences/sync page
Bug 1263698 - Correctly place the em dash separator between title and URL in awesomebar popup in RTL.
Bug 530999 - Login manager UI should show site favicons
Bug 1198181 - Update item structure to display downloads that can be unblocked
Bug 530999 - Login manager UI should show site favicons
Bug 1207619 - [Control Center] Information about the website certificate are truncated and incomplete by default
Bug 1259340 - New Private Browsing Window Update.
Bug 1220481 - New responsive designs for error pages.
Bug 1139472 - Extend the attention state of the Downloads Indicator to indicate success or failure
Aligned columsn in extension detail view
Made net error pages more responsive

Updated styling for Inspector: rules, computed, fonts, layout and animations
Optimized loading of .css files
Bug 1254736 - Do not link to unlinkable nodes in frame component
Bug 1254444 - [DevTools][Memory] frame-links are not enabled focused color
Reduced some spacing in memory devtool
Bug 1254458 - [DevTools][Memory] Horizontal scrollbar does not appear quickly if heap-tree-item is hidden (fixed before Firefox itself has)
Bug 1254454 - Arrow twisties disappear in narrow window (was not a problem in my themes, but some other related issue fixed)
Bug 1255630 - Add an experimental badge to wasm sources in the sources list
Fixed some spacing/borders/buttons to be more consistent
Bug 1255529 - File, line and column should all be linkable in the Frame component
Bug 828008 - Provide UI to emulate custom user agent (verified no change needed)
Fixed Responsive Designmode icon
Bug 1254786 - Add a line outlining the parent-child relationship in the markup view
Bug 1251138 - Dev Tools Performance Settings Popup button not visible on reduced size browser
Bug 1252100 - Imported profiles may have too long filename as the display label so sidebar is very huge
Bug 1235350 - Storage Inspector needs a simplified inline editor
Bug 1241815 - Show message when difference is empty or filtering yields no matches
Bug 1250835 - Shift-click on angles should cycle through angle units
Bug 1253493 - iterationStart should reflected in the animation inspector
Bug 1258645 - Split marker-utils.js into two modules (one DOM-only and one blueprint-only) and cleanup code rot
Bug 1253494 - Represent endDelay in the animation inspector
Bug 1259978 - Devanagari script menu-item labels in the PanelUI menu are clipped (was: Localization font is unclear.)
Bug 1211525 - HTTP log inspection in the Console panel
Bug 1260121 - [markupview] Pseudo class lock indicator should not appear underneath tree twisty
Bug 1124246 - Visually differentiate XHR network logs in the webconsole.
Bug 1259126 - Stop using a <deck> to manage selected panel in toolbox
Bug 1261159 - Tree map zooming is awkward
Bug 1261781 - Add an inspector toolbar button to insert new elements in the DOM
Bug 1260912 - Instead of generating background image in JS in drawGraphElementBackground, use CSS styling (based on tip from me)
Bug 1261049 - Clear button position isn't consistent among tabs (several pixels difference)
Bug 1259563 - Display links to error message documentation alongside relevant errors.
Bug 1242852 - [a11y] Fix keyboard traps in the inspector toolbar.
Bug 1249788 - Ability to view retaining paths of nodes in census category
Bug 1264436 - Checkbox of commonprefs-options is not themeable, whilst all other checkboxes are

Version 3.5 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 48.0

Updated to FF 48.
Bug 1234936 - It's not obvious why browser doesn't close (aka It's unclear which tab with onbeforeunlad prevented browser from closing)
Bug 1217129 - Use CustomizableUI view widget for BrowserAction panels
Bug 1207130 - Add a checkbox for reporting cert errors to aboutCertError.xhtml
Bug 1207146 - Add a link to expert technical information in the cert error page
Bug 1241893 - Remove non-used properties strings about about:profiles
Bug 1244302 - Remove the add-ons selection UI
Bug 1210586 - Create a Tabs from Other Devices sidebar
Bug 1229206 - Labels for screen readers are missing from about:preferences#sync
Bug 1166365 - Speak the article (speech synthesis in reader mode)
Bug 802398 - Styling for about:networking dashboard
Bug 1210586 - Create a Tabs from Other Devices sidebar

Fixed eyedropper command button in devtools
Refreshed colors of devtools
Bug 1215694 - Move Pocket to a built-in add-on
Bug 1186119 - [promise-dbg] Add a svg icon for the toggle promise debugger button
Bug 1029371 - Make @media sidebar interact with responsive mode
Bug 1237106 - Move the Font Inspector into the Inspector directory
Bug 1237095 - Move the layout view into the Inspector directory
Bug 1235181 - Move the rule view into the Inspector directory
Bug 1235178 - Move the computed view into the Inspector Directory
Bug 1239670 - Columns resized when expanding the scripts node of the census view
Bug 1228697 - Dropmarker arrows in console errors look clipped when console is narrow enough
Bug 1239298 - Delays don't have the right size in the animation timeline
Bug 1239670 - Columns resized when expanding the scripts node of the census view
Bug 950936 - Debugging auto-close XUL panels extremely painful
Bug 1214177 - Clicking on textareas in box model collapses them instead of canceling text selection
Bug 1224201 - Cells in the memory tool's heap view need more minimum width
Bug 1215955 - Clear heap snapshots
Bug 1214177 - Clicking on textareas in box model collapses them instead of canceling text selection
Bug 1239673 - Memory table striping (row background colors) inconsistent when scrolling
Fixed refresh devices button in WebIDE
Bug 1202657 - Add markers for workers' message passing and serialization/deserialization,
Bug 1232681 - Display script-generated animations correctly
Bug 1246733 - Remove stylesheet references of 'devtools/skin/common.css' and instead import it in theme files
Bug 1248829 - Fix number of characters reserved in memory table's cells
Bug 1206560 - Show the site favicon in XUL web notifications/alerts, when available
Bug 1242709 - Refresh light theme colors
Bug 1245029 - Refactor about:debugging to full-React
Bug 1249147 - Add a resizable split pane component to devtools/client/shared/components
Bug 1249453 - Add arrows from parent to children in census trees
Bug 1149385 - Shortest path(s) from GC roots view
Bug 1243925 - Extra white space in JIT view
Bug 1251755 - Cannot see pseudo lock in markup view if element is selected
Bug 1238133 - Make inspector side panels all live inside the inspector panel frame
Bug 1242201 - Move markup view into the inspector panel frame

Version 3.3 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 46.0

Firefox max version increased to 46, min version to 38 (so anything older than the current LongTermSupport is no longer supported).
Bug 835896 - Inspector searchbox should also provide a way to search plain text on the page.
Bug 1222417 - Make filter input prettier
Bug 1210616 - Implement Synced Tabs in awesome bar
Bug 1215953 - Import heap snapshots
Bug 960780 - heap snapshot diff view
Bug 1206244 - Replace globe with the "i" icon, keep separate lock for secure pages.
Bug 1210123 - Add devices refresh button, always show tabs button
Bug 1224196 - [devtools] Do Not word-wrap labels on toolbar in Memory tool
Bug 1195256 - Align question mark (support link) to the header of the pane
Bug 1226570 - Remove usages of chrome://browser/skin/
Bug 1228032 - Toolbox opened in separate window couldn't be resized, moved and closed (caused by 122657)
Bug 1227711 - Add a box-shadow to the XUL alerts
Bug 1171863 - Refresh the animation panel timelines when the panel is resized
Bug 1229000 - Missing separator borders in the timeline toolbar
Bug 1207146 - Add a link to expert technical information in the cert error page
Bug 1228005 - Display the list of keyframes and animated properties in the animation-inspector
Bug 1201331 - Implement synced tabs menu
Bug 1223573 - Move Hello to a system add-on as part of Go Faster
Bug 951714 - DevTools Themes: Update network panel table headers to match new theme
Bug 1179129 - Would be nice to have about:profiles
Options pane in devtools fixed (stylesheet has been moved by Mozilla team to content only)
Styling animation inspector improved

Version 3.2 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 45.0

FF maxVersion upped to 45.0
Many little fixes and improvements, with thanks to the reporters!
Note, Firefox is planning to kill themes.
If you want to keep themes such as mine, please let them know that themes should stay:

Bug 1209060 - Text in button in fullscreen warning box causes overflow

Bug 1191442 - Add New Container to File menu
Bug 1191451 - Add tab decoration signifying userContextId
Bug 1191455 - Add URL bar decoration signifying userContextId

Bug 1089240 - Add a measurement tool
Bug 1199589 - Display current timeline time on the scrubber
Bug 1205681 - Add a rewind button to the timeline toolbar
Bug 1197192 - Allow dragging the scrubber from anywhere on the element
Bug 1210954 - Move devtools variables into a single variables.css file that gets imported into both dark and light theme
Bug 1214872 - Display snapshot states and fetch censuses
Bug 1197100 - Display animations keyframes in the animation-inspector
Bug 1217880 - Console input field doesn't scroll when large input is pasted in
Bug 1202657 - (worker-markers) Add markers for workers' message passing and serialization/deserialization
Bug 1215656 - Font size in about:debugging category tabs is bigger than add-on manager and preferences' category tabs
Bug 1196785 - Create an about:debugging page to list debuggable devtools targets
Bug 960776 - heap snapshot view (devtools.memory.enabled:true)
Bug 1213966 - Icon for new memory tool (devtools.memory.enabled:true)
Bug 859042 - Create onload and DOMContentLoaded markers in the timeline
Bug 1219421 - Should alert a message when viewing allocation stack breakdowns when only "noStack" available
Bug 1217243 - Add aggregate information and time in snapshot list overview
Bug 1219073 - Source location in heap tree should style/function like performance call tree
Bug 1219572 - Give the heap view's tree items a little space between the function name and source
Bug 1218673 - Style toolbar in memory tool
Bug 1218670 - Add % to heap view
Bug 1213100 - Refactor styles in memory tool
Bug 1205704 - Show when animations are running on the compositor thread in the new timeline UI
Bug 1210563 - Amends position property to relative with top/right adjustments and adds float property to right justify controls
Bug 1205704 - Show an icon and tooltip when animations are running on the compositor
Bug 1219623 - Memory tool should be responsive in low widths and right panel docked
Bug 1221673 - Add support for filtering censuses to memory tool's frontend

Bug 1179961 - Use a lock with a strikethrough for HTTP pages that have Password Fields in the Control Center

Bug 1202933 - Show the origin of web notifications
Bug 1201397 - New layout of XUL Notifications (only the animations, I stick with my styling)
Bug 1209602 - XUL: Implement disabling notifications for a site
(Note, disabled animation of XUL notifications (for now), as it is ugly and doesn't work (box is animated, but panel behind not))
Bug 1218780 - Notifications shouldn't use a hand cursor
Bug 1218908 - Add 'Learn more' link with notification preferences

Bug 1207225 - Badge should not extend beyond the button
Walnut: fix white text in menu/toolbar
Bug 1173612 - "Applying Update..." spinner is hard to see in Developer Edition
Bug 332195 - javascript alert() steals focus from other tab
Bug 1206060 - Add pinning status to about:cache
Bug 1207107 - Design update for aboutCertError

Version 3.1 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 44.0

Updated to Firefox 44.0:
Fix missing icon in newtab icon in toolbar
Fix about:privatebrowsing layout
Improved about/neterror page handling for more consistency
Improved WebIDE styling
Fixed responsiveness about:home in older firefox
Bug 1204845 - Remove the menuitem-iconic-both binding

Bug 1201303 - Create a tree widget for displaying census information
Bug 1186119 - [promise-dbg] Add a svg icon for the toggle promise debugger button
Bug 1150299 - Show optimization tier over time per frame
Bug 1205792 - Install ADB Helper item is showing up in sidebar mode even though I already have it installed

[Control Center/Tracking protection]
Bug 1199790 - Add sections and sorting for permissions in subpanel to match designs
Bug 1193004 - Always show permissions section in the Control Center

Bug 992388 - Restyle FxA verification emails errors/success alert and migration prompt in sync preferences

Version 2.0.33 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 42.0

Updated to version 42.0 (min version is increased to 16.0)
Updated/fixed support for ThumbnailPlus extension
Updated aboutNetError/netError.css
Removed -moz- prefix from -moz-linear-gradients (from FF42.0 the prefix is no longer supported!)
Bug 1143004 - Performance timeline should label events from console.timeStamp
Bug 1162584 - Update install flow with new icons from bug 1144599
Bug 1149975 - Handle visibility of the login fill doorhanger anchor
Bug 1136101 - Add an 'Add rule' toolbar button in the rules view
Bug 1162583 - Do not render graphs realtime if e10s disabled
Bug 1164281 - Have an "experiments" flag in about:config that enable UI options in performance tools
Bug 1166354 - #main-record-button[locked] should look disabled
Bug 1164552 - New Graph colors for performance tool
Bug 1167006 - Stack Trace in markers should be displayed nicer.
Bug 1167716 - Add-on Doorhanger resizes while downloading Add-on
Bug 1158634 - Return an ability to edit some font preview text like the "Abc", or remove it from the documentation
Bug 1122662 - Overview graphs don't refresh when the browser window is resized
Bug 1125952 - New about:sessionrestore UI's list of tabs to restore is too small ...
Bug 1168125 - Cleanup performance xul and css
Bug 1139058 - Rule view should display unmatched rules that are added
Bug 1166728 - remove box-sizing: padding-box
Bug 1171298 - Show the ConsoleAPI message prefix in web/browser consoles
Bug 1047713 - [e10s] optgroup in <select> should not be selectable
Bug 867838 - Add the possibility to minimize the bottom-hosted toolbox
Bug 1146282 - [Control Center] New styling for host paragraph at the top of the identity panel
Bug 1164028 - Show login details and allow manual fill from a sliding subview in the login fill doorhanger
Bug 1173298 - Add rule button should be disabled for anonymous elements or non-element nodes
Bug 1005085 - In about:accounts, can't tab navigate to the "Manage" button
Bug 777680 - "Bookmark This Page" in context menu should be highlighted
Bug 1172987 - Incorrect padding for various locales
Bug 1155663 - Show animations as synchronized time blocks in animation inspector (animation inspector V3)
Bug 1146331 - In-content Preferences - Don't allow text selection of titlebars of subdialogs
Bug 1121896 - Show users when an animation is running on the compositor in the Animations panel
Bug 1174821 - Box-model view code clean-up
Bug 1150295 - Show which frames have optimization data in profiler
Bug 1175650 - Create JIT details view
Bug 1177161 - [Control Center] More Information button needs to move to the bottom when expanding a subview
Bug 1170759 - [Control Center] Implement subpanels
Bug 1177438 - [Control Center] Move "verified by" label up in the security subview
Bug 1177524 - [Control Center] Improve subview animations
Bug 1174330 - Allow the device name to be edited in-line
Bug 1175682 - [Control Center] Update icon to signal when active mixed content blocking is disabled
Bug 1139698 - Display the user's FxA profile image in the hamburger menu
Bug 1150578 - Adjust new devtools theme colors and palette on wiki
Bug 1175327 - Move existing Tracking Protection functionality from shield doorhanger to Control Center
Bug 1175239 - Replace tracking protection drop-down control with a button
Bug 1181352 - Sync menu in Hamburger menu not disabled in customization mode
Bug 1153010 - Better message when SSL3 and RC4 cause a page to be "broken" and show the grey triangle
Bug 1162144 - Add link to search settings to AwesomeBar
Bug 1049551 - Add a tab delay spinner that's visible if we switch tabs before the content has been drawn
Bug 1087934 - Share panel UI updates
Bug 1182265 - Change the border colour of the avatar to orange on click (i.e. :active)
Bug 1181684 - Using a long email to sign into Sync screws up the layout of the hamburger menu.
Bug 1181963 - ssl v3 error has too many stop sign</select>

Version 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 41.0

Don't enlarge small toolbarbar icon images, and keep them small when placed on the menu toolbar.
Bug 1138817 - Show clickable [SUGGESTED] label/tag for suggested and sponsored tiles with overlay text.
Bug 1138818 - New tab user onboarding for sponsored suggested tiles.
Bug 1158859 - Update newtab cog menu styling.
Bug 1158853 - Replace tile titles with base domains and move them on top of the tile image.
Bug 1151509 - Implement the front-end side of the warning about add-ons detected as no longer signed during the periodic check.
Bug 1160900 - Display circular buffer status per recording if supported.
Bug 1082695 - Audit localization strings for new performance tool.

Version 2.0.32 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 41.0

Updated to FF41:
Bug 1153509 - Translation notification bar pushes Navbar/FindBar tool button when open Sidebar
Bug 1146832 - Ugly wrapping of label for submission status of certificate pinning errors in localizations with texts longer than English
Bug 1074520 - Empty line in Panic/Forget menu under some conditions
Bug 1020865 - Implement the dialog displayed upon form.requestAutocomplete()
Bug 1148026 - Add a skeleton of the login fill doorhanger

[silly changes in default theme causing trouble for custom themes]
Bug 1150006 - Get rid of "-aero" file name suffixes
Bug 706103 - Replace chrome copy of files by overrides (these overrides apply to all themes, but themes are not allowed to do overrides)
Bug 1153147 - Replace "newer than XP" (aka "aero") overrides with XP-only overrides

Bug 1133601 - Implement about:serviceWorker or something similar to show the active ServiceWorkers
Bug 1038811 - Implement Push API

Bug 1123518 - Add images/thumbnails to items in the Reading List sidebar
Bug 1135435 - debugger should explain the exception when conditional breakpoint throws
Bug 1146486 - The generic reading list thumbnail graphic is stretched too big and on white background
Bug 1146373 - Images in reader view are sometimes too small
Bug 1147889 - Transition background and text color in Reading Mode
Bug 1146373 - Don't resize reader view images in JS.
Bug 1149277 - Increase the Line-Height in Reader View from 1.44 rem to 1.6 rem
Bug 1132656 - Reader mode toolbar overlaps content if window becomes too narrow.
Bug 1145809 - reader view footer area
Bug 1150476 - Unordered lists are displayed as ordered lists
Bug 1139026 - Use different text highlight color in dark theme
Bug 1144822 - hide the visually-hidden class of elements in reader view
Bug 1149068 - Reading List Toolbar Sans Serif font selection always displays Helvetica (not the font that is used)
Bug 1154028 - Move reader controls styles to scoped style sheet
Bug 1158194 - Use scoped styles to avoid conflicts between styles for reader view content and controls
Bug 1158322 - force-display-none the toolbar and footer when printing
Bug 1158302 - Increase the Font Size of Reader's H1 and H2 Headers
Bug 1158294 - Increase Reader Views Default Type Size
Bug 1158281 - Match Pocket's Reader View Sepia Theme
Bug 1159744 - Use the panel implementations from the Pocket add-on for the Pocket feature
Bug 1158883 - Update Pocket "Page Saved" panel UI to match the final spec
Bug 1160577 - Error message is no longer shown when a page isn't readable
Bug 1155519 - Add "View Pocket Items" menuitem to the bookmarks menu
Bug 1158289 - Optimize Reader View's line length to have between 45 and 75 characters

Bug 1139677 - Display the user's FxA profile image in the Sync Pref pane

Bug 1126188 - Show explanation text for a suggested tile with appropriate styling
Bug 1143797 - Allow clicking on suggested explanation text to see overlay explaining the suggested tile.

WebIDE: revamp of device/config/views/panels
Bug 1090949 - Refactor WebIDE preferences panel style.
Bug 1135435 - Add UI for breakpoint condition throws.
Bug 1143933 - UI for exposing JIT information
Bug 994055 - Collapse inspector sidebar
Bug 1150112 - Timeline markers should respond to theme changes
Bug 1144163 - Add a rulers highlighter
Bug 892229 - Ctrl+F / Cmd+F should search/filter requests
Bug 1077464 - Hooks into console.profile/profileEnd to control the new performance tool
Bug 1141571 - Add a legend to the Box Model tool
Bug 764958 - Network monitor doesn't show network requests for cached content
Bug 1135191 - Add runtime panel with toggle.
Bug 764958 - Show cached network requests in the net monitor.
Bug 1143027 - When recording a profile, a recording icon should be in the Performance tab
Bug 1136945 - Show GCs in the waterfall
Bug 1155653 - Animation target dom nodes should be previewed in the animation panel
Bug 1157293 - [rule view] Filter styles should highlight computed styles
Bug 1107849 - There's no min or max sidebar width set (performance profiler/waterfall)
Bug 1120616 - [rule view] Filter rules

[addon installation]
Bug 824947 - Put the add-on installation progress notification's custom content in <popupnotificationcontent> rather than overriding the anonymous content.
Bug 1139656 - Implement the first pieces of the all-doorhanger install flow for add-ons installed from websites.

Version 2.0.31 1.2 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 39.0

Updated to FF 39
Restyled "tab" buttons of devtools

Bug 821724 - Implement the menuitem of "open in a private window" in Places context menu.
Bug 1101569 - Add an "all items" menu to the sidebar in cases of overflow
Bug 1114363 - Mac default: Rely on '-moz-window-dragging: drag;' instead of suite's toolbar.xml bindings
Bug 1111027 - UITour: implement heartbeat UI as a UITour function
Bug 1112304 - Flesh out about:tabcrashed to use all strings that final about:tabcrashed spec will use.
Bug 1120716 - Offer a "learn more" link somewhere in the migration UI
Bug 547623 - about:support should have a button to enter safemode
Bug 1135045 - Add infobar for when tab sharing is activated
Bug 1143852 - Remove duplication between password-save and password-change notifications

Compress the search engine logo's a bit more
Bug 1101996 - Add icons to history-based suggestions in search bar dropdown
Bug 1106432 - Search bar icon should indicate when a page offers open search
Bug 1106559 - Improve the search preference UI

Bug 1098661 - Update sync in-content preferences UI to match FxA migration flows
Bug 1110009 - Show a warning icon in the legacy-Sync-to-FxA migration menu panel items
Bug 1114445 - Update sync migration to new UX flows

Bug 1036434 - In-content preferences doesn't show the complete scrollbar
Bug 1038291 - Investigate the new InContent General pane layout

Bug 1123952 - Can't copy text in Network: Security tab
Bug 1126965 - WiFi auth client dialog for WebIDE
Bug 1122437 - Polish the player widget in the animation inspector panel
Bug 1104213 - capture stack traces on timeline markers
Bug 932179 - Network monitor should show per-connection SSL state
Bug 1119243 - The LineGraph should always show the gutter, even if arrows are disabled for tooltips
Bug 1119927 - Small UI changes for the timeline marker details in the new perf tool
Bug 1077459 - Add flamechart view to Details view in new performance tool
Bug 1105825 - Create a simple animation panel in the inspector
Bug 1108928 - Add front end for displaying automation data for web audio
Bug 1111004 - Handle multiple recordings in the new performance tool
Bug 971959 - DevTools Themes: Resizing Inspector's right panel to fill all available horizontal space results in breadcrumb z-index issue.
Bug 1118497 - Rename "parameters" tab to "properties" in web audio editor
Bug 1022797 - Change FFOS device settings from WebIDE
Bug 1077461 - Build call tree for memory allocations view
Bug 1129454 - Add a play/pause all animation button to the animations panel
Bug 1124501 - Display build errors
Bug 1121194 - Support vertical panning for the flamegraph in the new performance tool
Bug 1126432 - Set preference toggle to switch to new project listing layout
Bug 1120343 - Add rewind, fast-forward and set current time to the animation inspector panel
Bug 1144424 - Rename "{self,total} allocations" to "{self,total} allocations sampled"

Bug 1124400 - [ReadingList] Add section to bookmarks popup for reading list items and actions
Bug 1124011 - Enable the reader mode toolbar button on Nightly
Bug 1132307 - Use <button> elements instead of elements in reader mode toolbar. r=bnicholson
Bug 1128724 - "Print" reader mode theme name is confusing
Bug 1123517 - [ReadingList] Implement basic sidebar that lists unread ReadingList items
Bug 1134441 - Replace font size controls with +/- buttons
Bug 1131457 - Add a button to the URLBar that allows adding the current page to the Reading List.
Bug 1133662 - [ReadingList] Show something useful in the sidebar when the Reading List is empty
Bug 1139174 - Use Georgia and Helvetica/Arial as Reader View Fonts until Fira and Charis land
Bug 1144382 - title text in reading list sidebar item wraps poorly, leaving partial text visible
Bug 1123525 - [ReadingList] Allow deleting items via the Reading List sidebar
Bug 1135009 - Printing in reader mode cuts off on the left (sidebar overlays text)

Version 2.0.30 1.2 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 38.0

Updated to FF 38.0:
Bug 1108841 - large Windows font size causes unexpected margins above one-off search items
Bug 731318 - Display response size before and after content decoding
Bug 1077458 - Add waterfall view to Details view in new performance tool
Bug 1101122 - Update about:home search styling
Bug 1101654 - first-use tour for new one-off search UI
Bug 1088660 - Improve the search bar UI to support one-off searches
Bug 886041 - Make the font inspector remotable
Bug 1069552 - WebIDE Runtime API
Bug 1056923 - Add WebIDE launch button
About:home: style the search suggestion list
Fix about:neterror page styling across firefox versions.
Fix toolbarbutton size for extensions with too large icons for toolbarbuttons.
Add support for TabGroupSwitcher
Improved icons for Loop.
Fix resend button icon for netmonitor
Improve badge position for toolbarbuttons with badge
Bug 1073218: remove the soft start mechanism for full Hello rollout.
Bug 1091036 - Allow toolbox full screen for remote runtime projects
Bug 1069421 - Add a memory graph to the timeline

Version 2.0.29 1.2 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 36.0

Updated to FF 36.0
Fixed sponsored styling in newtab
Added icons in about:permissions for camera and microphone
Fixed icon for sidebar toolbar button
Optimized some images with
Fixed issue in images sometimes not displayed in full image view.
Bug 977043 - Add toolbox-level frame selection
Bug 1049744 - [l10n] WebIDE: menus in the main windows should not truncate longer strings
Bug 1041654 - EventTooltip hides overflowing content instead of making it scrollable
Bug 899753 - Add console.table support
Bug 1058039 - Locked plugin state is broken in Add-on manager view
Bug 1009370 - Implement new visual style for private browsing mode in-content page
Bug 1044932 - Add JQuery support to visual events
Bug 970517 - Front end for Storage Inspector.
Bug 993014 - Tree and table widgets for devtools
Bug 966115 - In-content Error Page Overhaul
Bug 982347 - Implement new visual style for network error pages
Bug 1035536 - New error pages are unable to be styled by 3rd party complete themes
Bug 1049744 - [l10n] WebIDE: menus in the main windows should not truncate longer strings
Bug 1064262 - The waterfall background should use mozSetImageElement instead of toDataURL
Bug 1064885 - add prompt to encourage Nightly users to enable e10s
Bug 1050386 - Build a temporary timeline panel
Bug 1065265 - Improve infrastructure dealing with moz-action: autocomplete results
Bug 1062204 - Pictures can't be scrolled in WebIDE and break scroll functionality afterwards
Bug 1068210 - [e10s] make the "Try again" button reload only the selected tab
Bug 944836 - No longer possible to move the Firefox window when it happens to be busy
Bug 1065303 - Prepare autocomplete.xml/UnifiedComplete for adding new special result types and heuristics
Bug 1043797: extended popup notifications to create a generic doorhanger for all security notifications incl. mixed content
Bug 1043805 - Added red shield when protection is disabled in blocked content doorhanger.
Bug 1061759 - Profiler 'calls' columns is improperly named
Bug 1066358 - Improve how keyword autocomplete results are displayed
Bug 1066472 - AudioParam label should not look clickable
Bug 1067888 - Add autocomplete result type for searching via current search engine.
Bug 1071088 - Hover-area is cut off at the bottom of the tiles
Bug 1062256 - Improve the design of the »What is this« bubble on about:newtab
Bug 1069300 - add a privacy/forget/panic button
Bug 1073243 - Keyword search richlistitem too tall
Bug 1014332 new about:providerdirectory page that appears in share panel
Bug 1079565 - Remove prefix from -moz-calc usage
Bug 1049551 - Investigate white/black/garbage frame seen when switching between tabs with e10s
Bug 1068660 - Implement confirmation dialog shown before unblocking downloads
Bug 1031018 - Add Firefox Marketplace to tools menu

Version 2.0.28 1.2 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 35.0

Updated to Firefox 34.0:
Fix Privacy Mode icon
Force large icons in nav-bar (see bug 989289)
Bug 1042163 - Visual issues with the global indicator for screen/device sharing
Bug 1008201 - Need to have (new?) Loop toolbar icon styled & correctly displayed in all places
Bug 879008 - New UI for the sampling Profiler
Bug 1050654 - Use "flex: none" shorthand in
Bug 1032922 - Rename "flex-basis:auto" to "main-size", while preserving "flex:auto" shorthand value
Bug 1037091 - Add gear button with doorhanger configuration of newtab page
Bug 989289 - Australis: Toolbar seems broken after launch Firefox28 -> Firefox29 -> Firefox28(Icons and Text) -> Firefox29, And "Restore Defaults" does not fix the broken
--> This forces iconsize=small on the nav-bar. I have overruled this so that icons on nav-bar are always large (24px) size.
Bug 1034679 - Visually display that plug-in states are locked in Add-ons Manager
Bug 1045769 - Adjust new tab whitespace: whitespace sizing, positioning of undo box
Bug 949762 - Tracer should respect black boxing
Bug 1000625 - Split up general in-content styles from in-content preferences.css
Bug 982347 - Implement netError design changes.
Bug 1032129 - Connections to AudioParams are not rendered
Bug 1037049 - In-content preference subdialogs that contain a <resizer> need to have their <resizer> removed and passed in as a "resizable" window opening parameter

Version 2.0.27 1.2 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 34.0

Updated to Firefox 34.0:
Bug 1037408 - implement the global getUserMedia indicator
Bug 736078 - [visual event] Show which elements have listeners attached
Bug 762848 - [responsive mode] we need an "input" mechanism to set a size
Bug 1036284 - Update styling of newtab tiles to enhanced tiles spec
Bug 1035625 - Support 'resizable' in-content preference subdialogs
Bug 1040779 - Add a button to enable certified app debugging
Bug 1035540 - Convert Security pane dialogs to be in-content
Bug 982456 - When hovering a line of the console, highlight the line
Bug 711941 - Inspector should have a cubic bezier tooltip for css values as appropriate
Bug 1037405 - implement the screen/window sharing doorhangers
Bug 1035541 - Convert Content pane dialogs to be in-content.
Bug 1037408 - implement the global indicator window for webRTC (screen/video/audio-share)
Bug 1036299 - Show enhanced content image when the tile is unhovered
Bug 1035625 - Support 'resizable' in-content preference subdialogs
Bug 1040779 - Add a button to enable certified app debugging.
Bug 1042857 - Unify WebIDE's deck style.
Bug 1036284 - Update styling of newtab tiles to enhanced tiles spec
Add-ons manager & incontent options: better spacing and logo position
Fixed spacing in Tools/Options/Applications

Version 2.0.23 1.1 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 30.0

Version bump to 30.0
Revamped blocked plugin button (in the plugin frame).
Fixed some issues with AllInOneSidebar.
Improved styling for toolbarbutton[type=menu-button].
Fixed spacing of stumbleupon toolbar
Bug 965772 - search text box changes size when opening a new tab (followup of bug 962844)
Bug 962844 - urlbar with EV SSL overlaps searchbar in narrow window
Restricted width of menulist in toolbars (prevent too wide fontselector in messengercomposer)
Optimizied icons for Addons Manager
Optimized alert/error/notification icons (saved 12KB)

Improved styling for devtools options panel
Added icon for WebGL shader editor
Optimized icons for devtools
Bug 889638 - Inspector should have a doorhanger with a colorpicker for editing CSS colors
Bug 939783 - console.trace() group traces even if part of trace is different
Bug 950667 - DevTools CSS - Use an attribute instead of .highlighted class for styling tabs like the paused debugger
Bug 929349 - Integrate a tracing debugger into our existing debugger
Bug 951794 - Make the tracers colors easier to read
Bug 952064 - The tracer search box doesn't need a min-width, because it flexes
Bug 949561 - The VariablesView and SideMenuWidget should use hardware acceleration when possible
Bug 948872 - Safe getters shouldn't be colored differently in the variables view
Bug 948873 - Function closures and other psuedo variables shouldn't have a bottom border in the variables view
Bug 758157 - Clearly indicate overridden variables

Bug 940307 - Australis panel does not properly support type="menu-button" style buttons
Bug 957436 - Panel or notification for first fxa-based sync
Bug 964929 - prompt user to sign-in again UI
Bug 957460 - Firefox Accounts widget for customization panel
Bug 957436 - Panel or notification for first fxa-based sync
Bug 966511 - Strings review changes and polish
Bug 962677 - Use content-deck and toolbar margins for the customize mode transition
Bug 944947 - Label truncation is not fully supported in Australis menu widgets
Bug 935815 - UITour: Allow adding a button with an action to the info panel

Version 2.0.22 1.1 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 29.0

Version bump to 29.0
FF28: Add support for Australis menu (replacing appmenu) and customisation panel.
Move the audio volume bar in audio/video within the controlbar itself.
Use consistently same fonts for monospace and add Menlo for Mac.
Fixed about:privatebrowsing, about:neterror and about:certerror
Fixed GCLI commandline box/popup
Fixed border in scratchpad
More consistent focus bar throughout (outline->box-shadow)
Bug 948807 - UITour: Fix highlight position and clipping when a dimension is smaller than the minimum
Bug 936187 - UITour: Make highlight and info panel work for items in panel menu Bug 649490 - Horizontal html5 audio/video volume control
Bug 658096 - Fix broken html5 volume slider (due to it disappearing outside element rect)
Bug 905981 - Have a classic vertical display of stack frames persistently available in the debugger UI
Bug 947952 - Rename "non-*" attributes in the Variables View to avoid double negation
Bug 649490 - Horizontal html5 audio/video volume control
Bug 938616 - webconsole UI updates while in split mode with other panels
Bug 879982 - Implement "Email Link" widget
Bug 918782 - Move functional styles out of and in browser/themes/shared/ to browser/base/
Bug 939008 - Move UITour CSS into themes/shared/ and browser/base/content/browser.css
Bug 937607 - Manifest Editor erases local modifications
Bug 932854 - Consider showing a notification bar for hidden plugins
Bug 722267 - Option to enable/disable timestamps for messages in the console
Bug 912891 - [app manager] Open the toolbox in the app manager.
Bug 912918 - [app manager] support for warning when there's errors
Bug 928144 - [app manager] Manifest editor should be read-only for hosted app
Bug 926605 - [plugins] When a plugin is removed from a page, continue showing it in the plugin doorhanger, to deal with the cases where the site removes a plugin immediately after trying to use it.
Bug 926605 - [plugins] The click-to-activate doorhanger should show all plugins the page tried to use, even if they were removed
Bug 754344 - [prefs] In content preferences tabs should mimic add-ons type
Bug 920321 - [devtools] line number is ellipsized in console
Bug 895561 - [devtools] "Edit As HTML" option in the markup view
Bug 765105 - [devtools] Add image preview for background image urls
Bug 910955 - [devtools] Implement a live WebGL shader editor.
Bug 931463 - [devtools] Shader editor programs checkboxes misaligned on Linux.
Bug 929916 - [devtools] Make the shader editor UI responsive when docked to the side.
Bug 765105 - [devtools] Tooltip shared component, showing image previews in markup, css rules and computed views.
Bug 922144 - [devtools] Full page design for VariablesView

Version 2.0.21 1.1 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 28.0

Version bump to 28.0
Add icons to context menu of download widget and manager
Aligned styling of about:neterror, :support, :plugins, :tabcrashed, :robots
Added support for about:tabcrashed
Improved styling for newtab: Titles sharper look, tabs hover instead of depressed.
Added icons for scratchpad toolbarbuttons
Bug 921630 - Show progress indicator while pretty printing
Bug 800857 - Implement debugger frontend for breaking on dom events
Bug 810966 - Display closed over variables in the variables view for functions that are not stack frames
Bug 428943 - Add help button to the relevant support page for site identity pop-up.
Bug 922847 - Separate animation from download button
Bug 845408 - unify download-indicator and download-button
Bug 885997 - Small theme color tweaks for the vview
Bug 885801 - Frozen object indicators (F/S/N) look bad when selected in the variables view
Bug 884432 - Background color of request items keep changing when any filter is applied
Bug 843497 - Update check says "up to date" for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions
Bug 879799 - Browser console lacks keyboard access
Bug 862998 - Add glue to allow Firefox first run page to highlight UI elements
Bug 918716 - Add color swatches to devtools output parser
Bug 922193 - Add VariablesView as manifest editor in App Manager.
Bug 862998 - Add glue to allow Firefox first run page to highlight UI elements
Bug 918716 - Add color swatches to devtools output parser
Bug 922193 - Add VariablesView as manifest editor in App Manager.
Bug 917072 - move black box eyeball into sources toolbar

Version 2.0.20 1.1 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 27.0

Add support upto FF version 27.0a1
Add support for thumbnailzoomplus
Optimized addons list in addons manager and added wide display for wide screens.
Fixed display of page-proxy-favicon for mixed content pages
Fixed page-proxy icons
Add support for about:app-manager
Use same icons for breakpoints in source view and in file list (debugger)
Bug 835808 - Navigate with arrow keys in computed view
Bug 915740 - Integrate adb helper addon into the app manager (UI part).
Bug 915226 - [app manager] Merge all refresh/start/stop/debug buttons to two buttons called update and debug
Bug 912887 - [app manager] first run experience.
Bug 912929 - [app manager] Updated Devtools' App Manager UI to better reflect new style guidelines.
Bug 914180 - Backout moving findbar to the top (note only for Aurora)
Bug 912889 - [app manager] Add tooltips and help to App Manager.
Bug 760876 - Part 1: switch from XUL to XHTML for the Web Console output
Bug 888510 - Review theming for the new plugin in-page UI
Bug 903404 - [about:networking] Move /toolkit/content/aboutNetworking.css from content to themes
Bug 777972 - [responsive mode] translate click events to touch events
Bug 849236 - Add a "screenshot" button to the responsive mode
Bug 912543 - [rule view] Alignment for warning icon is bad (below line rather than next to it)
Bug 912817 - Mixed display-only pages showing the wrong text
Bug 913961 - Breakpoints checkboxes in the sources list should always be the same size

Version 2.0.19 1.0 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 25.0

Version 2.0.18 1.0 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 24.0

Added full theming for SpeedDial
Added support for ThemeTest extension
Made toolbarbutton styling more consistent
Improved styling for social/sharing panels
Fixed topleft resizer
Fixed downloads list in Bookmark manager to show more items than only two.
Fixed netmonitor waterfall not displaying issue
inContent options redesign (experimental)
Made ImageToolbar more style proof
Fixes in titlebar handling (to support all combinations of tabsontop/menubar/sizemode/windowstheme)
Bug 773590 - Display the return value when stepping out of a function
Bug 859055 - Display JSON as plain text when encountering errors when parsing
Bug 857868 - Convert storage quota notifications to a doorhanger panel
Bug 877351 - Network Panel is broken on RTL UI
Bug 873225 - Totals for displayed file sizes
Bug 760370 - Visually distinguish non-extensible objects
Bug 859046 - Implement filtering out certain types of requests (netmonitor)
Bug 874448 - OS X customization mode doesn't have dragover border indicators on toolbarpaletteitems

Version 1.0 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 24.0

Quick update to fix titlebar spacing in maximized windows (Windows)
Better tabbar shading for MacOS
Improved share panels.
Optimization of global.css and chatzilla.css includes.

Version 2.0.17 1.0 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 24.0a1

Updated maxVersion to 24.0a1
More extensions supported: Print Edit, DOM Inspector Plus!, print pages to PDF, About Home Themer and many more
Restyled about:sync-tabs
Fix titlebar/appmenu issues on MacOS
Fix scrollbar styling on MacOS
Fix buttons, checkbox, radio on MacOS
Fix newtab and about:* pages style on MacOS
Tighter spacing for Error Console
Center the arrow of the arrowpanels better
Improved layout/spacing for about:cache and about:plugins
Many devtools fixes and updates
Added icon for service install (social)
Added Toolbox icon
Fixed minimap icon size
Fixed icon for keyword matches in urlbar autocomplete list
Updates for social icons
Standonline image preview: only show patterned background on hover on image
Optimized styling for about firefox dialog
Removed some spacing from release notes in addon manager
Fixed tag icon in autocomplete dropdown list.
Back/forward disabled greyness in Addons Manager same to browser back/forward.
Improved layout for network inspection panel.
Devtools/network monitor.
Shrink searchbox on Addons Manager when needed.
Bug 859046 - Implement filtering out certain types of requests
Bug 874448 - OS X customization mode doesn't have dragover border indicators on toolbarpaletteitems
Bug 870220 - Web Console property inspector shows duplicate entries for navigator.plugins and navigator.mimeTypes
Bug 859222 - Need custom icon for Network tab
Bug 859039 - Allow sorting by column (status, method, file, domain, type, size etc.)
Bug 866138 - Make options panel less hacky
Bug 859041 - Display timing interval divisions (ms ticks) in the timeline
Bug 853151 - rework recommend into social marks
Bug 839206 - Replace plugin installation notification bar with door hanger
Bug 842780 - about:newaddon doesn't restrict size of the add-on's icon
Bug 588305 - Convert offline storage notifications to a doorhanger panel
Bug 723923 - Debugger 'breakpoint list' GCLI command should have extra nice outpu
Bug 851546 - Options panel for DevTools Toolbox,
Bug 837351 - Security Errors in Web Console.
Bug 860175 - On netmonitor examining the specific details of a network action leads to bad overlapping display,
Bug 832672 - Downloads Panel gives no indication or feedback on missing files
Bug 856917 - Improve about:memory's functional UI.

Version 2.0.16 975.2 kB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 23.0

Update maxVersion to 23.0
Extensions: Removed old stuff from extensions.css
Extensions: color icon on mouse hover of addons
Improved spring icon
Minimap: Fixed typo for geobutton icon
Overrule Linux images-in-button setting to always show button icons
Fixed tooltip margin
Icons for the devtools selector buttons and optimized styling
Pageinfo: fixed permissions page
Bug 737100 - Extend Pointer Lock (Mouse Lock) for non-fullscreen elements
Bug 782211 - Implement notification API spec
Bug 850436 - We need a max-width on the inspector breadcrumbs
Bug 852019 - The devtools tabs are streched on Linux
Bug 851689 - Toolbox Tabs extra wide after the Sidebar adaptation fix
Bug 846929 - Resetting zoom level on image documents also resets image rotation
Bug 755126 - add social services management to about:addons
Bug 802546 - Prettify the Stackframes UI (big!)
Bug 812083 - Implement a SideMenuWidget (add a tree view to the remote debugger's script selector)
Bug 723281 - Add the ability to enable/disable paint flashing as a [gcli] command.
Bug 818151 - [toolbox] adapt the toolbox UI to make it fit on the side of the browser
Bug 835899 - Web Console autocomplete popup could need some UI love
Bug 812083 - Implement a SideMenuWidget (add a tree view to the remote debugger's script selector)
Bug 802546 - Prettify the Stackframes UI (lots of style code changes just to prettify things...)
Bug 697983 - Implement a Font Inspector.

Version 2.0.15 959.9 kB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 22.0

Updated to version 22.0a2.
Improved styling for the MiniMap extension
Added (some) support for The RoboForm Lite extension.
Some styling fixes for SOA Client for Firefox.
Added support for UniversalEditButton extension.
Fixed warning/icon size in Addons manager
Other close icon for undo box in tabview
Added close icon for plugin blocker
Newtab undo box
Improved styling for about:sync-tabs
Added support for about:home styling (requires "About Home Themer" extension)

Bug 648675 - Allow comments and URL opt-in in content/plugin crash UI.
Bug 836867 - The Find Toolbar should transition when opening and closing.
Bug 788165 - Breakpoint arrow does not change to green when the debugger breaks on that line.
Bug 830324 - Show a border around the textbox when editing values in the Variables View
Bug 830325 - Hovering values in the Variables View should show a text cursor
Bug 830759 - The close button in the Variables View (e.g. for watch expressions) should only be shown on hover
Bug 831794 - Variables View: allow users to override getter properties to plain value properties
Bug 828987 - The Variables View should be keyboard accessible
Bug 832470 - Watch expressions involving |this| sometimes showing a wrong result
Bug 825035 - Blocklisted click-to-play notification only fades in/out once per window per session
Bug 836010 - When startup is determined to be slow, tell users about ways to improve their startup time
Bug 833511 - Add rotation gesture support to image documents
Bug 822371 - Implement Mixed Content Blocker Doorhanger - Frontend Changes
Bug 822366 - Implement Mixed Content Blocker New Icon - Frontend Changes
Bug 828664 - Debugger is sad when inspecting an array of > 10k elements in a variables view
Bug 650804 - Implement a search mechanism for the highlighter

Version 2.0.14 610.2 kB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 21.0a1

A brand new release!
Completely updated to FF 4.0 upto current nightly 21.0a1.
Based on Nautipolis, so see that one for the complete Changelog!

Note, to replace background image, simply open the .jar file with a zip tool and replace "bricks.gif" with another image. This can be also a PNG or JPG image, as long as the filename is "bricks.gif".

Version 1.8.33 407.6 kB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0.*

Updated maxVersion to 3.0.*

Updated support for Chatzilla, including improved styling.
Added hover/active feedback for clickable statusbar items.
Fixed horizontal scrollbar issue in Download Manager (and some more richlist cleanup)
Fixed support for Download Statusbar to allow customizable progressbar colors
Added support for DownloadHelper, DownThemAll, Fast Video Download, FeedSidebar, FlashGot, PDF Download, Split Panel, NoScript
Focus for textboxes, radio and checkbox.
Updated style for groupbox.
Updated style for Report Broken Site.
Removed grey font from Download Manager.
Fixed margins of searchbar.
Fixed half-button issue in FF2's Tools/Addon window.
Updated support for downloadbar.
Fixed margins in searchbar.
Give all buttons with label OK or Cancel its corresponding icon.
Bug 432848 – Folder listbox in Bookmark Contextual Dialog doesn't use special icons (bookmarks toolbar, bookmarks menu, unsorted bookmarks).
Bug 426453 – Wrong plugin icon size used.
Bug 432409 – Folder drop down in Bookmark Contextual Dialog doesn't use special icons (bookmarks toolbar, bookmarks menu, unsorted bookmarks).
Bug 425116 - Notification bars in addons manager use the wrong icon.
Bug 431275 – Give notification bars default icons via CSS.
Bug 425131 – Tree view should not contain dotted lines.
Fixed missing RSS icon from bookmarks toolbar
Fixed bookmark folder icon
Bug 348784 – Bookmark and History sidebar "titles" have too much padding and is not aligned with "Search:" below each
Bug 431275 – Give notification bars default icons via CSS
Bug 430904 – Use identity error icons on ssl error pages (all platforms)
Bug 427179 – Set second line in download manager results to GrayText
Bug 417844 – SSL appearance for site identity button and location bar should be consistent across platforms
Bug 387480 - Support network-fetched cert import in Servers tab of Cert Mgr ("Add Exception" dialog)
Fixed icons in bookmarks/places views.
Cleaned old icons from /browser/skin/places.
Bug 427179 – Set second line in download manager results to GrayText
Bug 425131 – Tree view should not contain dotted lines
Bug 428648 – Fix Tag, Day, Host containers attributes
Bug 428020 – Library infoPane does not shrink if localstore has an height set up
(Rename of element infoPane to infoPaneBox, to discard previously set height in localstore.rdf as the infoPane is no longer resizeable...)
Bug 418257 – Show what part of which tags match for urlbar autocomplete
A fix for the dropdown buttons of the back/forward buttons on the Mac platform:
Bug 414445 – The Back and Forward button have arrows below them in Text mode and custom themes
Fixed the issue with the back/forward dropmarkers for the Mac platform (see bug 414445 in bugzilla).
Optimized autoscroll icon.
Fixed scrollbar issue with decreasing window size.
Fixed issues with listbox in QuickLocaleSelector
More cutemenu icons, including viewSource.
Fixed about:robots page, and blacklisted page.
Bug 408115 – Add post-restart notification of new add-on installs
Bug 416559– Hard-coded auto-completion pop-ups foreground color
Bug 414481 – Get Add-ons Tab: make EULA text selectable
Fixed two syntax issues in extensions.css
Added blacklisted_favicon in URL bar
drag/drop in bookmark menu's fixed
about pages fixed and restyled
Bug 419250 – Use 16x16 puzzle icon for xpinstall-install-blocked notification
Bug 420026 – get rid of folderDragOver.png (open folder with arrow) in winstripe and pinstripe
Bug 385245 – history sidebar very slow (way slower than fx2)
Bug 399233 – replace safebrowsing (phishing) bubble with error page (Phishing UI hidden by content, inconsistent with malware)
Bug 419166 – Identity indicator should specify foreground color
Bug 413497 – Awesome bar should use a throbber to provide feedback that search is in progress
Bug 414366 – Identify if we will be going back or forward in new unified drop-down history (Needs visual indication such as back/forward arrows)
Bug 416891 – Change the width of the main div for wide-screen displays in about.css
Bug 414716 – Change color of "Learn More" links on the "Get Add-ons" pane
Bug 415433 – Password notification bar should specify foreground color
Bug 400844 – Label in organizer's search field becomes search text in some non-default modes (black, query)
Bug 414603 – Tweak No Preview text in AMO pane
Bug 411289 – move functional autocomplete style rules to xul.css
Revamped about:plugins, file:/gopher: listings and feeds (way more cool than any other theme, incl. default theme!)
Added support for new 'Bookmark' panels
Improved layout for 'Identity Panel'
Added support for AwesomeBar (the new url completionlist)
Added support for Fusion (progressbar in urlbar)
Added support for download monitor.
Improved layout for the user/password dialog (and friends)
Added support for spinbuttons.
Added support for the new Get Add-ons panel in the Tools/Add-ons (AMO integration!)
Fixed menulist dropdown spacing (esp. in FF2).
Fixed icons in URLbar (FF3).
Updated download manager (FF3).
Better rounding of URLbar (FF3 only).

Version 1.8.14 360.4 kB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0b3pre

Updated to FF3.0b3pre.
Fixed layout of places, addons, xpinstall, downloadmgr.
Added support for richlist autocomplete urlbar.
Added support for the latest Larry edition.
And lots of other minor fixes copied from Nautipolis.

Version 1.8.11 359.4 kB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0b2

Updated to 3.0b2 and current nightlies.
Fixed issue with very large tab icons.
Fixed splitterbar between urlbar and searchbar.

Version 1.8.10 447.5 kB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0a9

Updated to FF 3.0a9.
Updates to Places, Download Manager, Tools/PageInfo, Tools/Options, and lots of other little tweaks.

Version 1.8.2 337.9 kB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.0a7

Many updates, based on the Nautipolis 1.8.2 release.

URLbar fusion/beautifier fixed.
Fixed URLbar spacing
Rounding in Help/About dialog
Fixed autocomplete selection indication
Fixed PageInfo dialogbox for FF2
Fixed Download Manager Extension sidebar
Disabled menu submenu arrow fixed
Searchbar (filterlist) in Places organizer style aligned to searchbar in browser.
Help content font fixed.
Make new browsertab not flash the page
Fixed popup->panel rename (caused transparent popups)
Updated for Firefox 3.0a7. Fixed icons in AddBookmark dialog. Added icon for 'Restart App' button in Tools/Addons. Updated SetDesktopBackground.css to nightly. New packaging reduced size of littlefox by 12K and nautipolis by 18K.
Firefox version to 3.0a6. Improved packing for Nautipolis for FF and Walnut for FF.
13/5/2007: focus outline for Addons/PageInfo/Options dialogs aligned
13/5/2007: fixed sizing of languages box. Global: Behave better when in 'HighContract' themes (dark background in system colors) for Help, About:, About:plugins, checkbox. Fixed size of Languages box
10/5/2007: Restyled pageInfo box for FF2.0 and 3.0. Aligned 'selector' button styling between Addons, Options and pageInfo dialogs.
9/5/2007: Improved styling of trees: removed 'odd' line coloring, replaced with a thin lightgrey line between rows and fixed alignment issues.
1/5/2007: version upped to 3.0a5pre. Updated pageInfo/Security panel (but the source is still not right).
Revamped the PageInfo dialog box (Firefox 3) (Note, the XUL for the security panel is a big mess).
PngOptimized the png's (saved about 9K (=±4%) from the jarfile for LittleFox, and 13K (=±4%) for LittleBird)