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CompactHeader Benötigt Neustart Vorgestellt

Add symbol in header plane to switch between compact and expanded view. Options to switch between one or two lines compact view, which buttons should be displayed in header pane. For Thunderbird 36 and older use version 2.0.9 (see version history)

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Account Colors Benötigt Neustart

Associates user-defined colors with accounts and identities. Applies these colors to accounts, identities, folders, message list, message headers and compose headers. Users will always know which accounts/identities they are working with.

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Yet Another Remove It Permanently Benötigt Neustart

Remove elements and block content on Web pages.

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ColumnsWizard Benötigt Neustart

Adds some magic to the mesasges list columns!
With this addon you can:
* Add a custom column
* Set the default columns for any new folder.
* Show hidden columns in the Conversation Tab.
* Edit a mail header value for a single message.

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Subject Manager Benötigt Neustart

Manages subject of composed emails.

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SmartTemplate Benötigt Neustart

Dieses Add-on bietet die intelligente und einfache Vorlagen und Funktion, um die quote-Header flexibel anpassen.
Eine andere Vorlage(quote-Header) können jeweils pro Konto verwendet werden.

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Phoenity Buttons Benötigt Neustart

Adds some toolbar buttons using phoenity icons.
Displays message headers more compact (2 lines).

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Sensitivity Header Benötigt Neustart

Implement the "Sensitivity" header for outgoing messages (described in RFC 4021 section 2.1.55).
This allows the user to select Private / Personal / Company-Confidential (or none) for an outgoing message.

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