SyncMab Benötigt Neustart

This extensions can import and export mozilla address books at startup and exit of Thunderbird. You can first save a mab at a specific location e.g. on a network or the internet (Version 2.0) and then let it be updated every time TB starts up or...

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Viadeo Tab Benötigt Neustart

Cette extension ajoute le réseau social français, Viadeo, un bouton d'accès à ouverture simple et rapide dans Thunderbird.
D'autres médias sociaux sont disponibles également.

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DM Sync Benötigt Neustart

This plugin allows you to synchronize addressbooks and contacts stored on the DM mail server

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NotTo Benötigt Neustart

Are you using mailing lists in Thunderbird ?
Do you forward a lot of mail ?

If so, this extension may be useful for you.

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conceptERP Kontaktimport Benötigt Neustart

Importiert Kontakte aus conceptERP in das Adressbuch.

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Nokia Synchronization Benötigt Neustart

Synchronize Thunderbird and Nokia phone...

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Kardia CRM Add-on for Thunderbird Benötigt Neustart

(beta) Integrates with the Kardia CRM system, to provide information about the people in the Kardia CRM database directly via Thunderbird.

NOTE: This add-on requires a Kardia CRM server (see description for more information).

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Jabberpresence Benötigt Neustart

This extension has the purpose to verify the presence (online status) of your Jabber IM contacts. Users can add their Jabber accounts (Tools->Jabber Account Setting). A new panel is added in the bottom-left corner, listing contacts presence...

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Send Format LDAP Benötigt Neustart

Gets supported email formats (text/HTML) by the recipients from LDAP directories.

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SMSalias MozClient Benötigt Neustart

SMSalias is a Firefox/Thunferbird extension that enables you to send SMS messages directly from Browser/email application...

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Address book synchronizer between Memotoo.com and Thunderbird Benötigt Neustart

Synchronize your address book between Mozilla Thunderbird and Memotoo.com !...

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mozPod Benötigt Neustart

Sync your address book with an iPod

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Eortologio - Greek Namedays Calendar (Thunderbird) Benötigt Neustart

This extension consists of a Greek Orthodox Namedays reminder. It displays in Thunderbird status bar current day's celebrated names.

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my site 1.0

it allow to browse facebook - youtube and gmail in secured way...

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Report Benötigt Neustart

Печать реестра входящих и исходящих сообщений, полученных/переданных по электронной почте.

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SJCall Benötigt Neustart

SJCall is a beta version of a VoIP extension enabling you to place telephone calls directly from the Mozilla applications using SJphone, the world-leading Internet softphone...

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AddTo Miru Directory Server Benötigt Neustart

The AddTo extension allows Thunderbird users to add contact cards direct to a shared miru directory server. Once added contact details are available via LDAP for auto-complete and address book search...

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Been2Long Benötigt Neustart

Been2Long will remind you to get in touch with your contacts.

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BirdFon Benötigt Neustart

BirdFon, a lightweight and elegant phone plugin, makes Thunderbird a speaking friend in your online life. With BirdFon you can call your friends in a way similar to the SkypeOut service. The major BirdFon advantage is that it allows you to make...

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Directory Contact Tabs Benötigt Neustart

Displays additional information about contacts from LDAP directory servers. The new panels are provided by one or several customized Directory Contact Tabs (Data) add-ons.

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