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OBM Connector Benötigt Neustart

OBM Lightning Calendar and addressbooks connector

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TbSync (Provider for Exchange ActiveSync) Benötigt Neustart

Synchronize Exchange ActiveSync accounts to Thunderbird Addressbook and Calendar, supports Office 365, Outlook.com, Freenet, Strato, Hotmail, Kopano and other EAS compatible servers.

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lightningWeather Benötigt Neustart

LightningWeather shows the weather forecast in the background of the calendar so you can easily coordinate your activities with the weather.

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Lightning Invitation Notifier Benötigt Neustart

This extension is an extension to Mozilla Lightning for Thunderbird.
It shows a toast message and opens the invitations window when an invitation arrives.

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Lightning Reminder Left Buttons Benötigt Neustart

Tired to mistakenly press that "Dismiss All" button? Move the Lightining Reminder "Snooze all for" and "Dismiss All" buttons to the LEFT!
... and from version 2.0 you can keep them on the RIGHT, but swapped!

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G-Hub Lite Benötigt Neustart

Google Tabs für Thunderbird. Unterstützt Google Voice, Google Mail, Kalender, Reader, Docs, Gruppen, Buzz, Wave, Maps und Suche. Brauchen Sie Google Apps? Check out G-Hub Pro: http://www.schiffner.com/index.php/software/g-hub-pro BIETET Mengenrabatte

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Lightning Benötigt Neustart

Verwalten Sie Aufgaben und Termine direkt in Thunderbird - lokal, über Netzwerke oder über das Internet. Mit Lightning können Sie Freunde zu Terminen einladen, den Überblick über verschiedene Kalender behalten, öffentliche Kalender einbinden uvm.

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Lightning Colors Reminder Benötigt Neustart

Let's show the calendar color on Lightning reminders!

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Lightning Calendar Tabs Benötigt Neustart

Zobrazí záložky, pomocí kterých je možné rychle přepínat aktuální období v kalendáři Lightning. Všechny pohledy kalendáře jsou podporovány. Je možné upravit barvu textů záložek.

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Später Senden Benötigt Neustart

Eine echte "SendeSpäter" Funktionalität zur Planung der Sendezeit von Emails.

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More Snooze Benötigt Neustart

This add allow to customize the snooze delay when snooze popup appears (lightning required).

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Die "NoiaButtons"-Erweiterung ersetzt Symbole von Standardschaltflächen durch comichafte Symbole (u.a. bekannt aus den Noia-Themas). Weiterhin bietet NB auch minimale silberne und dunkle Noia-Thema Versionen.

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LCD Clock Benötigt Neustart

displays a LCD Clock in your Toolbar

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SanRockstar Benötigt Neustart


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StormCows Benötigt Neustart

Allows two-way access between Remember The Milk and calendar events or todo items.

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Zonio Freebusy for Lightning Benötigt Neustart

Finds when are people available for a meeting or event via Zonio Freebusy service. Displays freebusy blocks instantly in Invite Attendees window while attendees are being added. Works with both local calendar storage or any calendar provider.

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MiniWebView Sidebar Benötigt Neustart

Sidebar that shows a single web page. This allows Thunderbird to be augmented with any user-supplied or third-party web page. The screenshot shows an example - I use my own custom web page to present my Google Calendar in my preferred format.

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Task Me (activity logger) Benötigt Neustart

Activity logger (sampled task monitoring) which uses calendar to store user's activities.

It periodically displays window with textbox where user can put description of currently performed tasks. The description is saved in a calendar.

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ConferenceCall.nl templates

Voegt de handige e-mail templates toe aan de knoppenbalk van Thunderbird om deelnemers aan uw conference call uit te nodigen.

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DM Sync Benötigt Neustart

This plugin allows you to synchronize addressbooks and contacts stored on the DM mail server

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