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Auto Form Filler By Fire360Boy

This addon fills --ALL-- the text inputable fields on the web page with dummy text(Random Text) For Web Dewelopers and Programmers
Author : Fire360Boy
Email :

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Hinzugefügt am October 15, 2015

Auto Login Asindo Benötigt Neustart

Add-Ons untuk Agen Asindoglobal

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Schützt vor Tracking durch "gratis", zentralisiertes, Abliefern von Content. Es sorgt dafür, dass Anfragen Netzwerke wie "Google Hosted Libraries" nicht erreichen, aber imitiert sie, sodass die Seiten intakt bleiben. Ergänzt reguläre Contentsperren.

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Show the url instead of the title in the titlebar

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Hinzugefügt am December 27, 2012


RememberPass is a Firefox/Firefox Mobile Addon to force browser to remember password even website disable it by default. It's done by set autocomplete to "on" where it's off.
Here is: Test Page

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Delete Cookies on Exit

Deletes all cookies when Firefox Mobile is closed, preventing sites and web trackers from persisting data across browsing sessions and improving user privacy. This add-on is NOT for Firefox Desktop, which have this feature built-in.

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Hinzugefügt am June 13, 2012

BlockSite Plus Mobile

An experimental extension to bring your BlockSite Plus functionality to firefox mobile!

Fast and tiny at 3.1 KB download size.

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Hinzugefügt am June 3, 2012


Block advertisement and access to adult sites

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Hinzugefügt am May 16, 2012

Blocksi Mobile Benötigt Neustart

Web filter and Parental Control application. Protects your family from inappropriate content.

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Hinzugefügt am April 18, 2012

Stealthy Mobile Benötigt Neustart

Does your country/organization block you from facebook, youtube or others? Is the service you want unavailable in your country? Stealthy is the solution for you. Unlike other extensions we do the work of look for fast proxies for you.

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Hinzugefügt am April 1, 2012

Cert Manager Benötigt Neustart

This addon allow you to import a CA certificate (*.pem) and a user certificate with key (pkcs12 *.p12).No deletion/modification for now. Please for file selection install Astro or total commander.

Only for "Firefox 13" :

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Hinzugefügt am February 2, 2012

Cybertrust Deviceid Importer

Importing Cybertrust Deviceid to Firefox Mobile

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Hinzugefügt am December 14, 2011

Zscaler Safe Shopping Benötigt Neustart

Warns the user when visiting a fake or compromised store.

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Hinzugefügt am August 17, 2011


View your Sync Key on your mobile device to set up Sync on a desktop computer.

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Hinzugefügt am August 13, 2011

Silent Block

Minimum and fast URL blocker.

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Hinzugefügt am June 30, 2011

my site 1.0

it allow to browse facebook - youtube and gmail in secured way...

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Hinzugefügt am April 28, 2011

OpenID für Firefox Benötigt Neustart

Erleichtert die Benutzung Ihrer OpenID bei Sites die dies unterstüzten. Ein Klick auf das OpenID icon im URLbar sendet Ihre OpenID zur Site.
Ziehen des Icons in ein Eingabefeld fügt Ihre OpenID dort ein.
Nutzen Sie Firefox Sync mit Firefox Mobile.

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Hinzugefügt am March 24, 2011

Cleary Vorgestellt

Creates a subpage for clearing everything, history, passwords, or just site settings for small time durations. Also adds option to clear everything on shutdown (You'll need to add Quit Fennec in order to have a quit button).

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Hinzugefügt am March 11, 2011

Clear Mobile History Vorgestellt

Add a "Clear History" button to the Firefox preferences.

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Hinzugefügt am March 8, 2011

SnipR Benötigt Neustart

Server Network IP Resolver : Discover where-on-earth the hosts of the websites are, which you visit. Total timeout for hideous web-servers!

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Hinzugefügt am January 8, 2011