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Dirkjan Ochtman

Über mich

Name Dirkjan Ochtman
Ort Amsterdam, NL
Beruf Software engineer
Benutzer seit Juni 21, 2007
Anzahl der entwickelten Add-ons 2 Add-ons
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Add-ons, die ich angelegt habe

No Close Buttons

Firefox 57 and later unfortunately do not support the APIs needed to make this work. A workaround is described at

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CopyReflex Benötigt Neustart

CopyReflex copies your selection to the clipboard as soon as you complete it, so you no longer need to hit CTRL + C to copy (like PuTTY on Windows). Based on the Auto Copy addon by Michael Lidman, but much simpler.

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Meine Bewertungen

Firefox Pioneer

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I was very surprised by the very US-centric questionnaire I just got. I cannot imagine what value Mozilla gets out of asking these questions from people who don't live in the US, are not US citizens, and don't otherwise have a strong affiliation to the US. I imagine this means you might get very noisy data, especially given that you didn't ask about location in the survey itself.

Search Keys

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Makes navigation using the keyboard that much easier.

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