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Name bobbigmac
Ort Manchester, UK
Beruf Software Engineer
Benutzer seit Feb. 20, 2009
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I'm a self-employed software engineer building software for almost 20 years, starting in the wonderyears of Commodore, Amiga, Sinclair and Atari.
I've been involved with web development since 95, though most of my software employment history is in C#.Net for corporate employers and freelance/consulting projects.
I'm a big fan of XUL as a platform, and I hope it continues to develop and promote extensible and customisable development for a wide variety of uses.

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The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search Tool Benötigt Neustart

The Ultimate Browser Addon to easily find completely Free Stock Photos, Textures, Clipart and Illustrations. Find free stock photos from over 200 free imagery websites.

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Microstock Royalty Free Image Search Toolbar (picNiche) Benötigt Neustart

Suche Multiple Microstock Fotografie und Vector Image Agenturen für Royalty Free Stock Images oder Licensed submit Image-Anfragen direkt an die Beitragszahler um Zeit zu sparen und suchen Sie hart-zu-Bilder finden.

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SS SiteBoost

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Very handy addon for any shutterstock contributor. Quick-edit is a major time-saver.

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