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Japanese to English/German/French/Russian dictionary. Just hover the mouse on top of a word, and a popup appears. Automatically de-inflects verbs and adjectives. Detailed kanji view...

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Perapera Japanese Popup Dictionary

Put your mouse over any Japanese words on a webpage and it gives you the pronunciation and definition. English, German, French, and Russian dictionaries; Save and export words for studying later!

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Übersetzung von Deutsch nach Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch, Türkisch, Polnisch, Portugiesisch, Russisch, Chinesisch und Schwedisch. Millionen Übersetzungen mit Sprachausgabe, Synonymen, Grammatik und Beispielsätzen.

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PageTweak - Ad Blocker, Video Downloader, Translator... Kein Neustart

The Ultimate Webpage Enhancer! Instantly add many tweaks to any webpage including: Ad block, flash block, video download, remove delays, tooltip translation, link checker, rounded corners, auto pagerize, and more. A must have for all web users.

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Furigana Inserter

Automatically inserts furigana for words written in kanji. Furigana are small characters written in kana or romaji which appear above a word.

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4.023 Benutzer mit Suchvorschlägen mit erweiterten Einstellungen (Suchvorschläge, Kategoriesuche, Domain-Schnellwechsel, Kontextmenü-Unterstützung, Tab-Verhalten) als zusätzliche Textbox neben der Standard-Suche. Unterstützt alle Sprachen.

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「はてなスクリーンショット拡張」とは、Firefox で表示している画面のスクリーンショット(サムネイル)を簡単に保存できる、Firefox ブラウザ専用のアドオン(拡張機能)です。スクリーンショットを保存する以外にも、はてなフォトライフにスクリーンショットをアップロードしたり、画面にメモを書いたりすることができます。

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Translate Japanese to English

Translate japanese to english with google translate service.

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Replace Translator Kein Neustart

Rewrite the selection in translation. Replace or Insert can translate into foreign languages using. More than 36 different languages to be used immediately with no configuration.

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gdict Kein Neustart

Easiest mouse hover translator based on Google translator

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Kitsune is a Firefox extension which enables users to input Japanese in Firefox without external Japanse IME.

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Characterizer: Japanese and Chinese Reinforcement

Characterizer allows you to practice Japanese or Chinese characters while you read English (or other languages) by replacing the first letter (or entire word) with a character. For example, the word read might appear as 読ead.

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Japan - All-in-one Internet Search (SSL & TLS)

Japan - The #1 Japanese Search Add-on - Download Now - Free & Unlimited - "A must have add-on for the Japanese."

(End-to-End Encryption & Secure Encrypted SSL Suggestions)


Binary App Dev

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Der Mundo

This add on is no longer supported. Go to to try our multilingual link sharing service.

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Instantly translate links in a sharable & readable way. Just click on the "Shoe" button in your toolbar after installation. The translated links are automatically archived & can be edited, improved and shared with others. Supports all languages.

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An integrated sidebar-dictionary for Japanese and Chinese including kanji dictionary.

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右クリックメニューから、選択した単語を翻訳サイト(ALC 英辞郎)で開けます。


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japanizer Kein Neustart

Practice Japanese words while reading English.

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MyKanji Kein Neustart

List in the text selection of the page the kanji you don't know yet .

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Wikipedia (Japan)

Wikipedia (Japan)

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