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Youtube Best Video Downloader 2 - MP3 MP4 M4A AAC

Now with 1080p Full-HD Support!

Download every YouTube video you want and you can download them as Full-HD MP4, FLV, 3GP, MP3, M4A and AAC formats. Easy & Fast!

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InstantFox Quick Search

Suche schlau & schnell

• Suche direkt über die Adresszeile mit Suchkürzeln!
(z.B. » g Suchwort « für Google)
• Suchvorschläge (Suggest) & Suchergebnisse (Instant) während der Eingabe
• Kürzel y,e,w...für youtube, ebay,etc.

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Peers - Instant Search Benötigt Neustart

Instant-Suche für Firefox. Zeigt Suchergebnisse und Suchvorschläge für Google und Yahoo in deiner Adress- und Suchleiste.

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Auto Complete

Autocompletes the word being typed in the Location Bar.

Displays Search suggestions using the default Search Engine if no results are displayed in the Awesomebar.

Instantly previews website domains and search suggestions as you type.

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IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes für Prime Instant Video

Erweitert Prime Instant Video von Amazon mit Bewertungen von IMDb und Rotten Tomatoes.

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IMDb Streamlist

See if movies and shows in your IMDb watchlist are available for instant streaming on Netflix.

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Search Panel in Context Menu

Select text in page and show context menu.
In context menu - You will see the icons of search engines.
URLbar context menu - Searching clipboard text.

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InstantFirefox Benötigt Neustart

InstantFirefox: Native Google Instant Search at you Firefox Address Bar - Get search results as you type

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Instant Link Share

Instantly share link on several social network that you currently logins.

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PayPal Instant Transfer Zapper Benötigt Neustart

Disable PayPal from using Instant Transfer to fund payments without your consent. Learn why you should never use your bank account to fund payments and why you should always use a credit card.

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Find everything instantly on your favourite sites.

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ThunderTranslator: Thai-English instant translator Benötigt Neustart

English-Thai-English instant word translation with Thai language segmentation

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Seen Episodes - Tracker

Seen Episodes Tracker ist ein Must-Have für jeden Serien- und Filmeliebhaber, der den Dienst Amazon Instant Video benutzt, denn es behält nämlich die Übersicht über bereits gesehene Filme und Episoden deiner Lieblingsserie.

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Instagloss's firefox add-on
Understand the Web Faster
Instagloss finds the most interesting terms in any article and creates a custom glossary right beside the article you're reading. All the information you need on a single page.

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