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Phish Advisor

Providing better protection against phishing scams, alerting only on suspicious non-trusted sites, so user could raise awareness only when alerted.
In the ever-lasting battle of usability VS. security Phish-Advisor magically tilt the balance to both

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Easy Whitelist

Easy way to protect your children from unsafe sites on the internet! Configure Firefox to only allow navigation to websites you explicitly allow.
Can also be used to improve productivity by limiting access to a select list of websites.

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Scramble your social network data!” - With Scramble you can selective enforce your access control preferences for your content on social networks like Facebook or Twitter ...

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SafeWallet Password Manager - Firefox Extension

SafeWallet is a password manager and form filler. It saves logins to a local secure database and auto fills them for you later on all in a highly secure manner. It will not only make your life easier but also make your online experience a lot safer.

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HTTP Header

View HTTP Response Headers of URL.

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"You've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect password !"
If you try to login 3 or more times with wrong password, web sites deny access temporarily because of security concerns. beSure makes you sure before you hit "login" button.

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Cookies Export/import Kein Neustart

Imports/exports cookies following Netscape standard.

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Clearhive Kein Neustart

Click the Clearhive icon in the bottom right corner of Firefox. We'll create a Clearhive email forwarder for the page you're on and copy it to the clipboard. As easy as it gets.

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Solera Universal Connector Kein Neustart

Universal Connector finds IP addresses and port information encoded in any HTML or text-based page including web pages, log files, or simple text files.

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SSL Proxy

Connect to proxies which require an SSL connection.

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Hinzugefügt am October 10, 2011 One-Click DNS Lookup

Perform easy DNS lookups directly from the site you want to check.
The Whois® One-Click DNS Lookup add-on supports DNS lookups on A Records, NS(NameServer) Records and MX(Mail Exchanger) records.

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For Human Eyes Only

Converts your messages into images so that it is hard for computers to extract them, while genuine humans can still read them. That is, it helps you protect against computer programs that breach your privacy by automatically analyzing what you say.

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Conexão Mega Kein Neustart

Gere Links Premium com apenas 1 clique com o Plugin Conexão Mega!

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ZoneMinder Client

ZoneMinder Client is a Firefox Extension that provides toolbar buttons and other features to help you when connecting to your ZoneMinder Server.

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Internet Crime Reporter

This extension allows anyone to be able to report a website that they suspect of being used for criminal activity, a phishing page, a cyber-bully page, or a website/page that could be used for any criminal activity.

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Preferences Monitor Kein Neustart

Track your Firefox's (about:config) preferences for unwanted changes.

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Zscaler Likejaking Prevention

Detect hidden Facebook widgets and warn users about likejacking.

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geo devtool Kein Neustart

Update your geolocation in real time by moving a marker on a map.
Debug applications using geolocation (working both with getCurrentPosition and watchPosition).
Fake your location when a website asks for it.

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Short Link Kein Neustart

The Add-on makes long url's much shorter; merely choose Short Link in the Contex Menu of any necessary object (page or simple hyperlink).

Created by: Maxim Varenikov aka Matthew
Destination: Smolensk, Russia.

Skype Matthew__87

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mOTP Kein Neustart

Mobile one time password (mOTP) generator

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Hinzugefügt am September 20, 2011