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YouTube Video Downloader - Zum Kontextmenü Kein Neustart

Rechtsklicken Sie auf YouTube-Video-Links auf allen Webseiten, laden Sie es aus dem Kontextmenü. Multi-Formate (3gp mp4 flv), einfach zu bedienen und schnell Antwort.

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MyPlayCity Gametab Kein Neustart

Provides wide opportunities for both entertainment and Internet browsing on the new tab.

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YouTube™ Flash-HTML5 Kein Neustart

Play YouTube™ Videos in Flash or HTML5 Player

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Flash Block Plus Kein Neustart

Provides control over Flash contents

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Jocly Kein Neustart

Jocly gives access to over 100 board games, for playing alone against the computer or remotely against someone else. It provides a 3D interface for most games and video chat with the opponent in the 3D scene.

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VK Audio Download Kein Neustart

Simple add links to download audio

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Lokale Musik Player Kein Neustart

Durchsuchen Sie und hören Sie Ihre lokale Musik

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Corobizar.com - Alerte Live

Soyez informés dès qu'un stream est disponible sur Corobizar.com

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ReChat for Twitch™ Kein Neustart

Adds chat messages from the past to your favorite Twitch VODs

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Soyez au courant quand ZeratoR commence à streamer!

L'icone de l'extension passe au vert quand ZeratoR est en live.

Développée par Ulas Atila - Pour toute réclamation de fonctionnalité, vous pouvez me contacter sur mon twitter @ulas_atila.

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Steam Database Kein Neustart

Adds Steam Database link across Steam Community and Store.

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Stream Browser Kein Neustart

Live video stream browser for Twitch.tv, Hitbox.tv and Azubu.tv. Select favorite streams and receive alerts when they come online. A great way to keep track of your favorite Hearthstone, CS:GO, and League of Legends players.

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Lounge Assistant Kein Neustart

Lounge Assistant is an add-on that improves the look and the functionality of csgolounge

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Twitch Live Kein Neustart

A simple and useful add-on for Twitch.tv notifications and streams.

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Livestreamer launch on twitch.tv Kein Neustart

Add items to context menu on twitch.tv which allow to launch "cmd \K livestreamer <url> <quality>"

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Listen on Repeat Youtube Video Repeater Kein Neustart

Listen On Repeat Video Repeater adds a "repeat" button too your Firefox toolbar. Just go to any Youtube video, hit the "repeat" button, and you're set!

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Send to XBMC/Kodi Kein Neustart

Sends YouTube videos, video and music links to Kodi for playback. Adds a right click menu for links pointing to YouTube and audio/video files for direct playback on your TV with Kodi.
Works with XBMC Eden and newer, as well as with Kodi 14 "Helix".

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YouTube Control Center Kein Neustart Vorgestellt

YouTube Control Center is an open-source project that aims to enhance the overall YouTube experience by providing the end user with more control in what the playback process is concerned.

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Battletag for Battlelog™ Kein Neustart

Adds a right click menu to all server join buttons, where you can either type in a new tag or select one of the platoons you're in.

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YouTube Flash Player Kein Neustart

A very lightweight add-on that forces YouTube™ to play videos using Flash® Player because it consumes less material resources (CPU, RAM) and offers more resolution choices than the HTML5 Player.

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