Widget for adding the current browser address to the Mac Pins Bookmark Manager

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joomla menu

Most popular Joomla! links

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Accès direct à son compte en banque Benötigt Neustart

Accéder directement à votre compte en banque depuis votre page d'accueil avec ce module complémentaire pour Mozilla Firefox.

Cliquez sur le bouton "Ajouter à Firefox" pour l'installer.

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Manga Tree

Notify user when the new chapter of bookmarked manga is available.

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Koopmetjehart Benötigt Neustart

With the KoopMetJeHart plugin you can donate to charityfunds while ...

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Annotea Ubimarks Benötigt Neustart

Implements Annotea social bookmarks and topics (tags) in Mozilla...

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sidebarclose Benötigt Neustart

Closes bookmarks sidebar when Firefox loads.

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Go Social Benötigt Neustart

Notizie esplosive dal mondo che verra\'.

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Planio Toolbar Benötigt Neustart

Toolbar for easy access to Planio projects.

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くるぶっくす Benötigt Neustart


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bit.uz URL Shortener Benötigt Neustart

Short your URLs using Bit.uZ and share them on Twitter or Friendfeed.
Bit.uZ is a free and open source based URL Shortener. To have the best user ex

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PING Tools Benötigt Neustart

PING Toolbar um alle wichtigen PING e.V. Dienste auf einen Klick erreichen zu können.

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Book'n'share Red Button Benötigt Neustart

Create your Book'n'share Buttons in just a few seconds, and you will be able to bookmark your favorite links and share them with people you choose, without having them to sign up! Just single click from either your desktop computer or mobile phone!

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Online Sudoku Variations

It contains following
Chain Sudoku,
Classic Sudoku,
Alphabet Sudoku,
Jumbo Sudoku 16x16,
Multiplayer Sudoku,
Diagonal Sudoku,
Inequality Sudoku,
Irregular Sudoku,
Killer Sudoku,
Sudoku 6x6,
Sudoku Varients,

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ImgBR envio de imagem com mouse Benötigt Neustart

Hospedam imagens no imgbr.in com um clique do mouse

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Shortcuts Package Context Menu

Ajoute des raccourcis dans le menu contextuel en complément avec le module Shortcut Package

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Toolbar IndoBM Benötigt Neustart

Add-Ons toolbar For IndoBM Web

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Necesitas organizar la búsqueda de tu casa? Ahora Podés! La exclusiva aplicación de BHU para organizar las casas que vas viendo y podés llegar a comprar.

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Akonter Submit & Share Buttons Benötigt Neustart

Let you quickly save favorites online or share business, shopping, marketing and services bookmarks easily to akonter.com or share them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or use them as social homepage buttons in Mozilla Firefox start page.

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MakeMeResume Launcher Benötigt Neustart

Quickly launch and access the MakeMeResume website in a single click

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