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Simple add-on to switch between IKEA websites of two configurable countries/languages. Very helpful for cross-border-shopping.

While browsing on the IKEA website, simply click on the IKEA icon in the add-on bar to toggle country/language.

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Trace Metrics

Trace metrics add-on is a web developer tool to inspect the web analytics or metrics tags generated on various pages and events.

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Skills for Twitter Kein Neustart

View Skills tags when browsing Twitter

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Step.to URL Shortener

With this addon you can shorten the url of the active tab with one single click. The short url is then copied to the clipboard.

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Charm for Quora Kein Neustart

Charm for Quora shows recommended content and boards. You can post, search, view notifications directly from the extension.

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Link Builder Tool

The main purpose of this extension, to make it easier the link building, but it won't do without you.

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NetzwerkTotal RSS-Reader

Netzwerktotal Firefox Erweiterung erscheint nach der Installation als ein kleines Icon im rechten Bereich des Browsers und bietet Anwendern direkten Zugriff auf die zahlreichen Seiten von NetzwerkTotal in Form eines RSS-Feeds.

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To Picsma your pictures !

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Complemento para inverter os links dos sites de proteção de download, que exigem que seja feito download para continuar. Ele vai abrir a página verdadeira para você!

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Ardilla Helper


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linkNab is a simple way to send a link from your browser to your mobile device.

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Display and edit the url of the current tab.
Reloads with the edited url on enter.

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Umbraco Debug

Plugin displays the debug at the bottom of any Umbraco page. Suitable for versions 4.0+

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github-addon Kein Neustart

Track your GitHub repos and issues from within Firefox!

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Sirex's App Tabloc

Protect App Tabs, stops them closing, based off Tabloc.
Dont know why ff does not do this...
Works along side Tabloc, but does not use its settings etc, not needed to be honest!
Works on Tabs instantly

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MediaPin Pinning add-ons

Pin photos on MediaPin. Pin Youtube videos on MediaPin. Share URL on Mediapin
Right click on photos or videos(Youtube only) and select Add Photo on Mediapin option. You will get Add Mediapin pop up for adding Photo on mediapin.

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Zrzut.pl to wtyczka pozwalająca na łatwe wykonanie zrzutu (screenshota)
strony internetowej - do wyboru jest wykonanie zrzutu całości strony,
jej widocznej części lub wybranego fragmentu. Możesz też wgrać obraz z
dysku lub otworzyć białą kartkę.

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CSS Toolbox

Some tools for editing CSS stylesheets online

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GreenFox, Green Code Lab Firefox AddOn. Measure easily your CPU consumption.

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