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von Davy Jones

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Google Date von kiyotaka_h

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"Last updated date of the site" is displayed in the retrieval result of Google and the statusbar.

Gathera - AOL, Google Mail, Hotmail, Facebook, LinkedIn,Myspace, Twitter, Yahoo!, Youtube von Gathera

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All your email and social accounts in one place. Check accounts at AOL, Digg, Facebook, Google Mail, Hotmail, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo!,YouTube. Add multiple accounts and receive real time updates and interact with your friends as you browse the web.

PeekYou Status Bar von PeekYou

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PeekYou.com's status bar does two things you’ve never seen before. 1) We show you the people behind your search results (works with all major search engines). 2) As you surf the web, we'll show people linked to the webpage you are looking at (e.g. su...

Status-bar Calculator von Christopher McCulloh

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It's a tiny calculator that sits in the status bar. Does simple math, and decimal/octal/binary conversions.

StatusBars von Marius Gundersen

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Switch between multiple statusbars with different content. Customize your statusbars icon, name and arrange the icons the way you want...

Liquid Tabs von Gary Calpo

Liquid Tabs (formerly SmoothlyCloseTabs) adds opening and closing animations to the Firefox tab bar. Inspired by planned Firefox 4 tab animation.

Better iGoogle! von MattKruse

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Take control of your iGoogle page! This extension GREATLY improves the RSS feeds on your iGoogle page. It also adds many more options, letting you take full control over your iGoogle experience!

Fancy Numbered Tabs von Chris Gaunt

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234 Benutzer

Replaces the close tab graphic with numbers to help with quick tab navigation via CTRL + [1-8] or Alt + [1-8].
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