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Warum wurde "SettingSanity" geschaffen?

For some stupid reason, Mozilla has decided that image and JavaScript disabling is unimportant. It is, in fact, vital to my own day to day use of the Internet. Therefore I've restored what Mozilla took out, and added some friendly toolbar buttons to make it easier to toggle the settings, as well as some helpful tab settings at the request of many users.

Was kommt als nächstes für SettingSanity

The next version will include Maximum Simultaneous Connection options, letting you set how many HTTP connections are kept open in total, per server, and per proxy, as well as HTML5 WebSocket connections and Speculative Parallel Connections (as discussed in Bug 814169). You can try it out now at <http://realityripple.com/Software/Mozilla_Extensions/SettingSanity/beta/>.

Über den Entwickler

Name RealityRipple
Ort Los Berros Canyon, California
Beruf Freelance Developer
Homepage http://realityripple.com/
Benutzer seit March 5, 2007
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Wer ist RealityRipple?

Hi, my name's Andy, and I'm a Freelance Developer. I also enjoy writing freeware, extensions, themes, and building and fixing computers.